Friday, 23 October 2009

Search engine submission.

Well now that you have got your site together,you now want to get it indexed and known in the search engines. There are several companies that claim to submit your blog or website to search engines,but some are not genuine. That is they charge lots of money and do not do what they say they do. But there are some others that are okay,I myself use Scrub The Web.I have a membership that I renew every six months for around $29 dollars,which is about £19 English pounds.Being a member gives you access to several help pages on how to improve your site and also you can submit your site to several search engines.

This is done yourself just by clicking on the sites you want to submit to,auto submit.This submits the site before your eyes so you know that it is being done and also you get emails from the search engines you submitted to,so you know it has been done. Another service I use is Dream Submit,which has an auto submit free service and also paid services in which they submit your site once a month.The main search engines are Google and Yahoo,I am lucky because all of my sites are included in both. M.S.N or Bing, it's new name, is the third largest search engine,yet some of my sites are in there,but others are not.
But Google and Yahoo are the most important ones and also Ask is another main search engine that gets it's listings from Google. Also by submitting to other not so well search engines,you are in fact submitting to the main ones,as Google picks up listings from other sites online.You can also submit to Google yourself by visiting the add url. page.Yahoo also has a page where you can add your site,but you must have a Yahoo email account and log in to do this.But the companies that I use,particularly Scrub The Web,which is a search engine as well, is a good starting point. There is also a free service here that you can use but you only get ten search engines to submit to,the paid members service is better.There are also several blog directories that can be found on the web that you can add your blog to,but it is likely that if you are in the main search engines,you could be listed there also.There are no rules as to how often you should submit your site,some companies advise once a month,but there are no real rules.

I use Scrub The Web submit service every two weeks,at the moment to get my new sites known.I have recently changed my blogspot addresses to custom urls. but already Google has included them in it's index,including this site.I think that it is worth checking out companies that auto submit your site to search engines,as it will get your site known faster,than just waiting weeks or even months to be included in search engines.Also if your site has an rss. feed this also helps in getting your site known,as when a reader subscribes to your feed,this is picked up by search engines. Rss. also picks up any new posts that you make and changes you make to your posts as well.Also you can write about your site in the social bookmarking sites,like Digg,Facebook and Faves. People will click on this link and this is also picked up and indexed by other sites. Google has even included my Facebook pages in their search.So now that I have given what I think are good tips,this will help a lot of people who have a blog or website,who want to get it more well known. Links- and


  1. It is good to find a blog that tells you the best way to host a site.I have been looking for some thing like this that gives tips that are easy to understand.I look forward to more posts and videos. Sayeed,Beirut,Lebanon.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words.I am no expert or webmaster on the web. I am just useing my knowledge and experiences on blogging and getting my sites known,to other readers. Who may find it useful themselves. Andrea.