Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Windows Live Profiles-Google docs.

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I have decided to put my Windows Live profiles public published on the web.For those of you who don't know,different email services offer additional perks.For example here on Google if you have email with them,you can create a website on google sites or go on blogger to create a blog and these services are all free including this one,Google Notebook.I have several email accounts with Hotmail,and I and anyone else who uses this service can have a profile on Windows Live.And in addition to this you can create your own free website or blog on Spaces,which is part of Windows Live and run by MSN website and search engine. There is one problem with putting your profile and putting blog posts and photos on Windows Live,that is the URl,(web address) they give you is very long and has many letters and numbers and many web browsers dont pick the address up,and send a redirect notice.This is a problem for readers who want to view the web pages and posts you have worked hard and created.

So,to get round this problem,I have created my own web address,which if you have a Windows Live profile you can do,by going on Spaces,which works with Windows Live.You do this by choosing your own web address,for example I have chosen for my first site,HEZBOLLAH AND ANDREA PROFILE and for my second site,HEZBOLLAH AND ANDREA PROFILE 2, But the disadvantage with Spaces is that once you choose your web address,you cannot change it,unless you delete your blog! And also you can not upload images or photos direct by URL as I do on my blogger sites,Spaces have a way this can be done but it is quite complicated.So I choose to post images onto my Spaces blogs by email,which works for me.Once you create your Spaces blog,your blog is displayed on the web with a link to your profile page as well,or you have the option of making either your blog,profile or both private so only you can read and not others.Or you can choose to just share it with people of your choice,friends or relatives perhaps,which means people you choose to read your blog,will have to log in with their email address and password before they can read.But my profile and blogs are public for all on the web to read.For this reason I thought it only right that the web address should be easy to access,hense, the 2 web addresses listed above. All my Google Notebooks are also public but unfortunately they too have a long and complicated URL.So to get round this problem I publish some of my notebooks on my websites,including my Spaces blogs. This also gives one the opportunity to make them a more interesting post by adding photos perhaps or additional pages. My 2 new blogs were created and published on 30th January 2009.So they are only one week old.But they are not just profile pages,Hezbollah And Andrea Profile,has blog posts about Lebanon and Hezbollah and other topics on the Middle East.My other site,Hezbollah And Andrea Profile 2, also has blog posts on the same topics,and also it has links to all my other websites and also the full rss feeds to my sites are displayed here as well. So although the title of the sites may be misleading to readers in that it gives the impression that the pages are only about my profile,they are NOT only that,they have blog posts and articles written by me in their own right.Also I have posted some articles from my website Hezbollah And Andrea at on my new sites as well and there are links to my sites also.My other Spaces blog,Hezbollah And Andrea Posts, is a blog in its own right.It has its own media type articles on the Middle East and stories as well,just like my other websites.Now that I have made Windows Live pages into web pages,I am able to write more detailed posts than what I can on the profile page of Windows Live alone.My profile pages are more about my work on the web,creating and publishing my websites,rather than about me personally.But now that I have published these new sites online,already they are starting to be indexed by the search engines and Google.This is due to the hard work I have done of adding my sites to search engines,I use the search engine submission services,that add my site to search engines.See article,Search Engine Submission,I wrote on Hezbollah And Andrea Profile 2. I am also able to make my Spaces blogs very colorful,thanks to the web tools that windows live offer,such as changing the page colors and adding color themes as well,such as flowers or art work! The two new sites can be reached at the web addresses on my web page. So happy reading! The above is an example of one of my Google documents,that has been made into a web page and I have also added a photo.

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