Wednesday, 21 October 2009

You Tube and My Space videos.

Readers of my sites know that I have quite a large number of my videos posted onto my sites.Most people know that you can embed You Tube videos onto your site,also you can upload a video, although this takes a long time. So the easiest way is to embed,and it is not only You Tube videos that can be embedded or posted to your blog. I also have a lot of my My Space videos on my sites. I have two video channels,one on You Tube and the other on My Space. There is one restriction with You Tube videos, in that you can not record or upload videos longer than ten minutes. But My Space allows up to twenty minutes recording time and some of my videos are longer than ten minutes,therefore I cannot show them on You Tube.

So I have posted many of my My Space videos here on Blogger and also my other sites at Windows Live Spaces. A lot of my You Tube videos were recorded on my, My Space video channel and uploaded to You Tube,as the Internet connection is better on My Space.What I mean is that when I have recorded on You Tube,some of my videos have been cut off before the end. That is not all of the video has been uploaded,for example some videos although in the preview,the whole recording came out. When I published it,not all of the video,was published,it was cut off before it was finished.It is a problem that a lot of people are having or so I have read in the You Tube help guide,where the Internet connection is slow. Therefore not all of the video is uploaded completely which seems to be the problem I have had. But with My Space, the connection seems better so all of my videos upload and so most of my You Tube videos are uploaded from my My Space site. But even if you choose to upload from another site that you have to or from your mobile phone,You Tube will still not accept anything longer than ten minutes.So for anybody who wants to make longer videos,My Space is a good option and you can post or embed your videos onto any web site or blog that you have.

Also I don' have my own computer,I blog from an Internet cafe,although this does not make any difference if the computers are running well. But also people who have their own computers have problems if you live in an area where the Internet connection is not very good and this is a problem here in Lebanon.Where there are power cuts and telecommunications are down a lot and so this effects the Internet here.

So how to embed a video-well,first go to the video you want to embed then,with your mouse or keyboard, COPY. Click your mouse over the embed code shown,then press ctrl and C both at the same time,then press C again.Then go to your site, with Blogger you click on "edit html"in the post editor,then click the right hand side of the mouse and select "paste"then using the left hand side of mouse click onto the page.The embed code should appear,then click preview and the video should appear,if it does not,then you have not done everything correctly. Once video appears you can click publish and that's it. Different blogging services have different ways of embedding a video into your post,with Windows Live,my other site,I just click embed video and click done and the video appears,I do not have to set my text to html.But I am just giving you an example with here on Blogger,but check with your site instructions if using another blogging service,as some let you just post the video on without having to embed,others only allow you to upload from a video file. But others do not let you add videos at all,so each service is different. Also if you have a You Tube account,You Tube has a setting that allows you to just post a video to your blog without having to embed.This is useful for people who have difficulty mastering the computer and don't know how to embed,or have restrictions on their computer as then you can just post to your site easy. You Tube is the best site to make your own videos as it is the most famous but My Space is also a good choice. I have an account on My Space and it is both a blog and video channel,which has both my You Tube and My Space videos plus my own blog posts.Links- and

Adding files.

Here on Blogger uploading files is disabled,both for sites published on blog spot and also for custom domain blogs. But there is another way to show your own files. If you have files on Google documents,you can quite easily publish them on your blog,by either posting by email or by clicking post to blog. Which is a setting on Google docs.I myself do not embed my files,I just post them to my blog by email or publish them by using the publish setting on docs. This makes the document look like a web page. This also is more attractive to readers,as most people who visit a site prefer to read web pages,rather than look at files. Which can be quite bland in appearance also you can upload a photo on your page,which also looks good with the document.One example is a document I have published here on this site,in which I have uploaded a photo at the top of the post. Also I have added the web link in which you can view my document in it's original form. You can also add a web link that people can click on to view your file in it's original P.D.F for if you have uploaded it on the web.I also have published my Google docs. this way on my other websites.

Windows Live Profiles-Google docs.

Link- -

I have decided to put my Windows Live profiles public published on the web.For those of you who don't know,different email services offer additional perks.For example here on Google if you have email with them,you can create a website on google sites or go on blogger to create a blog and these services are all free including this one,Google Notebook.I have several email accounts with Hotmail,and I and anyone else who uses this service can have a profile on Windows Live.And in addition to this you can create your own free website or blog on Spaces,which is part of Windows Live and run by MSN website and search engine. There is one problem with putting your profile and putting blog posts and photos on Windows Live,that is the URl,(web address) they give you is very long and has many letters and numbers and many web browsers dont pick the address up,and send a redirect notice.This is a problem for readers who want to view the web pages and posts you have worked hard and created.