Monday, 25 October 2010

Safefox web browser-video.

Here I talk about Safefox browser which is another open source version of Firefox made only for Windows computers.

Safefox browser.

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers that many people use but it is not without it's problems. Because Firefox is made to be compatible with all computer software,it often slows and crashes. But there are many Firefox open source versions,that is Firefox browsers that use the Mozilla code and work like Firefox.

 One such browser is Safefox which is an open source version of Firefox but unlike Firefox, Safefox browser is made only for Windows computers. I recently wrote about Pale Moon web browser which is another open source version of Firefox,also made only for Windows. But Pale Moon is only a year old as it was made last year in 2009. But Safefox has been around a lot longer than that and was brought out before Pale Moon.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Alternative web software for Windows.

There is more than enough software to choose from for Windows computers and laptops but some is not so well known. But here are a few useful alternatives to more used or well known software.

Google Chrome is a very good browser that is Chrome based but there are others that are ahead and more advanced alternatives.

Chromium is the open source version of Google Chrome and has nightly builds and so it is updated daily and is one version ahead,the current version is Chromium 7.

Google Chrome Canary build is another open source version of Google Chrome made only for windows and is said to be faster than Google Chrome and is again one version ahead of Google Chrome,Google Chrome Canary 7. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be set as your default browser but that is only a small disadvantage.

Real Player browser.

There are many programs on the web that can be downloaded and installed on your computer or laptop that can download videos from web sites like You Tube and My Space and also store them in a video file on your computer. But the easiest and most user friendly one to use is Real Player. Real Player is free to download and use and will work on most video sites. Real Player downloads any video which can then be saved on a file on your computer of your choice and you can then upload the video to other social network or video sharing sites easily. The way that most people will use Real Player is to open a web browser and then, when you go to a website and play a video you will get the blue link to down load the video. But the disadvantage of this is that Real Player does not work in every web browser. 

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Install Chromium without visiting the web.

Chromium browser is an open source browser that was made before Google Chrome and it is faster and more advanced than Google Chrome. While it is easy to find a download link for Google Chrome,there are very few links for Chromium. 

Also I and other people have found when downloading Chromium from the nightly builds website,that some of the builds are broken. Resulting in a browser that is not working and the biggest problem is that not many sites have a direct download link. But fortunately there is another way to install Chromium on your computer or laptop without searching the web. This can be done using the Chromium nightly updater tool. 

Friday, 8 October 2010

How to uninstall Internet Explorer completely.

Some time ago I wrote about Internet Explorer and the risks involved in uninstalling it in that it could damage Windows and even stop them from working if you uninstalled the Internet Explorer browser. But since that time I have done more research and I have actually uninstalled Internet Explorer 8 from my two Windows 7 laptops without doing any damage to my system.

The following information I am going to give applies to Windows 7 computers and laptops only. I do not know what the case would be if you were to completely remove Internet Explorer or IE for short from a Windows Vista,Windows XP or an older version of Windows computer. As these systems may depend more on IE to function properly than Windows 7 systems do. 

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Video chat messengers-video.

Here in this video I talk about different chat video messengers.

Multi messengers-do they work?

There are many different video chat messengers and the most well known ones are Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. But there are also other multi network messengers,such as Digsby and Trillian. That claim to allow you to chat with friends on all networks,such as Google Talk and Windows Live from the same messenger. If you have got Windows Live Messenger you can only chat with contacts who have a Windows Live account, but with Trillian, Digsby and others you can do live voice and video chat with contacts on Google,Yahoo,Windows Live and many other services. But how do these multi chat messengers work and are they worth downloading and using? 

Monday, 6 September 2010

Pale Moon web browser-video.

Here I talk about Pale Moon web browser in this video which is the open source version of Firefox.

Pale Moon browser-an alternative to Firefox.

Firefox Web browser is the most used browser after Internet Explorer. As Internet Explorer is very slow and unreliable more people are turning to other web browsers,the most used are Firefox,Flock and Google Chrome. I too have been using Firefox,which gets updated on a regular basis.But I like a lot of people find that although Firefox has none of the problems of Internet Explorer,it some times crashes and goes slow and freezes on some websites.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Blogging from an Internet cafe-video.

Here is one of my videos in which I talk about writing your blog and social network sites from an Internet cafe.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Safari browser extensions-excess baggage?

There are some web browsers that when you install them on your computer they also want you to have the add ons. I am not talking about browsers extensions but additional software that you may not be aware of.

One such browser is Safari, and when you download this in order for this browser to function,you have to also download five other items of software. These are I Tunes,a Quick Time player,Apple software updater,Apple software installer,Bonjour which is a Mobile phone software item and another mobile phone software for Internet phones.

Although I had nothing against Safari browser it was not the best browser I have used either. Also when I had Safari on my laptop I had to keep updating I Tunes which took a long time to download and was time consuming.

Software updaters-video.

Here in this video I explain the advantages of using a software updater on your laptop or computer.

Do I need Java on my computer?

Java is a software that is on most computers or laptops and is used to view some documents on the web and is also used in Cloud Drive. Cloud Drive is a software that stores your files and allows you to access them from other computers. But in the last two years not many websites are using Java anymore and now all video sites use flash players to play videos.

Java is different from Javascript which is built into some websites but is not on the computer. Also most web browsers like Flock and Google Chrome and others do not use Java to display content. Even Internet Explorer does not need Java to function, and as long as you have a flash video player installed,you should be able to watch videos on your computer or laptop without Java.

Software updaters.

Anyone who has a Windows computer or laptop,will know that Windows scans your computer on a regular basis to check for viruses and out of date software. But Windows will only scan for Microsoft products and Internet Explorer browsers nothing else,and will only install updates for these. But what about your other web browsers and other software that you have downloaded and installed from the Internet? Well,this is where software updaters come in.There are several updaters available online that are free to use and install very easy. 

A software updater or software informer will scan for every software you have on your computer or laptop,including your web browsers like Flock and Google Chrome. They will tell you if your web browsers and other software is up to date and most will offer you a download link to download a newer version of that software. 

Some software updaters will tell you if certain software is secure or not,which means if some software you have is putting your computer at risk of viruses.There are many different types of software updaters one is Cnet Teck Tracker,which will scan all of your web browsers and other software and tell you if it is up to date. But the disadvantage of Cnet Tech Tracker is it will only scan for products that are on the Cnet website. 

So if you have a browser or something else that is not included in their site,it won't be scanned. Other software updaters such as Software Informer and R-Updater will scan for all software and update it ,if you wish to.Other updaters such as Secunia PSI scan your software but also scan for it's security as well.I use Secunia and this is a very useful product as it tells you which software is secure or not and offers solutions. 

Some of the solutions it offers is to install the latest version of that software or if there is no solution it will advise you to uninstall that particular software.It will also tell you if your web browsers are secure and will also patch software to make it more secure. Which a lot of other software updaters will not do. Although Secunia will tell you which software is up to date or not it concentrates mainly on security issues of your software. 

Which means it will tell you which items of software is putting your computer at risk of viruses. But Secunia is not a virus protection programmer it is only a software scanner and updater. So you will still have to install a virus protection program from the Internet if you want your computer protected from viruses. 

Although you do not have to do this with Windows as Windows Firewall will protect your computer from unsafe programs and notify you if any are found.Secunia is a free tool and can be used on it's own or with another software scanner such as Cnet Tech Tracker or another product. But I use Secunia on it's own as I find many other updaters do not tell you about all of your software. So at this present time I do not have another updater installed,I just have Secunia. I find this tool has helped me a lot and one of the interesting things it has told me is that it said my edition of Java was insecure. 

But it said there was no solution except to uninstall it,which I did and it has not effected the running of my laptop. It also said the Adobe flash player was not secure, but as I need this to play and record my videos on the websites, I could not uninstall it. I do not advise you to uninstall every item of software on your computer that Secunia or another software updater tells you to. 

As many of your installed software is needed to run your computer or laptop and uninstalling certain software,could mess up your PC. But as Java is a product not used so much now,uninstalling this does not effect the running of your computer. I will explain this more in my next post. Also having a software updater does not effect the running of Windows and Windows will still scan and update it's software.While your software updater will scan other installed software.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Windows 7 Starter-video.

Here is another of my videos in which I show you how to change the desktop color theme in Windows 7 Starter edition.

Windows 7 Home Premium-upgrading.

In this video I talk more about the advantages of Windows 7 Home Premium.

Windows 7 Home Premium-video.

Here is one of my videos about the benefits of upgrading to Windows 7 Home Premium from Windows 7 Starter edition.

Windows 7 Home Premium and above.

Most Windows computers and laptops that have been made in the last year are now being brought out with Windows 7 not Windows vista or Windows XP, which is the older version of Windows.The most common version of Windows 7 is Windows 7 Starter, which is found on laptops particularly notebooks or netbooks.Windows 7 is great software and has many advanced features over the old Windows XP or Vista. Among these is that Windows 7 is much quicker to start up than Vista or XP and has additional features not seen in the older versions.

But Windows 7 Starter is very basic,compared to the other editions of Windows 7. For example in the Starter edition you cannot download themes or desktop wallpapers from the Internet like you can in other editions,although you can change the desktop color using the color wheel. Also you cannot watch movies or live television or create home groups as you can in the other editions. If you are luck you can find a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium already installed,but if you want anything above that,you have to upgrade your laptop or computer.

But it is quite easy to do this,first let me tell you about the other editions.Windows 7 Home Premium is the next edition up from Windows 7 Starter and here you will find more choice of features. In this edition you can download desktop themes from the Internet and you can change the color screen the same as in Starter. Only now in this edition you can now save your color theme and you can do this with each theme you create. This means for example if you create a pink desktop screen,with blue text and want to change it to a yellow one with red text.Instead of having to go into the color settings again,you just click on that yellow theme you have saved before and you have your other theme on your desktop screen.

But in Windows 7 Starter you can not do this and also in Home Premium,you can watch and record live television or burn CDs and create home groups. But you could not in Starter and this is the reason why a lot of people,who have Windows 7 upgrade to a higher edition. At the moment a most laptops and computers with Windows 7 have only the Starter edition,but the good news is you can upgrade to a higher edition, and it is easy to do this.

There are two ways to do this,you can upgrade in the store where you bought your laptop or computer or online,but the disadvantage is you do have to pay for an upgrade. The price depends on which country you are in,but the cheapest and easiest way is to upgrade online. Type in "anytime Upgrade" in settings menu and you will then be take to the Microsoft website showing you the features and prices of the other editions of Windows 7. From Windows 7 Starter there are three options,Windows 7 Home Premium,Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate.

 But before you go ahead with the upgrade it is advisable to download a tool called Windows Upgrade Adviser. Which is also available from the Microsoft website and is free to use and this tool will scan your computer and tell you if your computer or laptop is able to upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 and also what editions you can upgrade to. On my laptop Windows Upgrade Adviser told me I could upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium edition,Professional or Ultimate.

Once you have scanned your computer with Windows Upgrade Adviser if it tells you that you can upgrade,you can then go online by clicking "anytime upgrade" again and than choose the edition you want to upgrade to. After you have filled in the online form and made the payment,your computer will then start to upgrade all of your software to the Windows 7 edition you have chosen.

You will also be sent an upgrade key which will be emailed to you at the email address you provided when you filled out the online form and you should keep a record of this. After the upgrade is complete,you must then activate Windows in order to make it valid. You do this by going to settings and type in "activate Windows",this will then bring up the activate Windows menu with two options,"activate now" or "do not activate."

Click on the activate Windows now option and you should get a message saying Windows activation successful,your new edition of Windows 7 is now active.It is important to activate Windows right away after you have upgraded your computer to make your new edition of Windows 7 valid. As well as Windows 7 Home Premium there are two other editions,Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate and these have even more features.

There is not much difference between Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. Again in Professional and Ultimate editions you can change your desktop theme and save your color theme as you can in Home Premium,and you have all of the other features you had in Home Premium. But what is different in Professional is that you can now control the settings on other computers,which is useful if you have more than one laptop or computer and you have even more storage space for your files.

If you are a company you can now connect to other networks or if you are using your home computer you can connect to your own computers on another network,in this edition. Also you can now run programs in Windows XP mode,although you do have to download this feature. In Windows 7 Ultimate the only difference between this and Professional is that in this edition,you can lock the disks on your computer,with a feature called Bit Locker.

Although I do not advise this on a home computer because if you forget the password and you need to access your recovery and other disks,you will not be able to. Also if your computer detects a security threat to your software,it will not allow you to unlock the disks,even with a password and your computer is out of action.This disk locking feature is more suited to public computers,such as in offices or Internet cafes,where if you are a manager, you do not want other users to go into the disks to change the settings.

The other feature in Windows 7 Ultimate is that you can work in other languages,but apart from these two extra features,there is not much difference between these two editions. If you are going to upgrade to a higher edition from Windows 7 Starter or Home Premium,then go for Windows 7 Ultimate as then you will have all of the latest features Windows 7 has to offer. And when Microsoft bring out more features for Windows 7 later on,Ultimate will have all of these.

Also in England there is only a price difference of five pounds between the two editions, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate,so you might as well buy the Ultimate edition anyway. If you have upgraded from windows 7 starter to Windows 7 Home Premium you can upgrade again to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate if you wish to.But if you do this will have to pay again for another upgrade and you will have to do this every time you upgrade. As if you have purchased Home Premium,your upgrade key is not valid for another edition of Windows 7.

You can upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium,to Professional, and then later on if you then decide you want to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate,you can do.You will have to activate Windows again each time you upgrade. But it can get expensive,going from Windows 7 starter to home Premium,then from there to Professional, and then pay again to get Windows 7 Ultimate! I myself upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 starter to Home Premium and then I decided I wanted Windows 7 Ultimate.So I had to pay for another upgrade. But it is well worth upgrading,particularly if you have Windows 7 Starter,which has very limited features.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Windows 7-video.

One of my videos in which I explain how to change the default desktop screen color in Windows 7 Starter to one of your choice.

Change your desktop theme in Windows 7 Starter.

A lot of computers and laptops being made now,no longer have Windows Vista or Windows XP,they now have Windows 7. The most common version is Windows 7 Starter edition. There are also other editions of Windows 7,such as Home Premium,but they are often only pre-installed on more expensive laptops not on net books,which is what I have. If you have Windows 7 Starter you can upgrade to another edition of Windows 7,but it is very expensive and you cannot do this with all laptops. Other editions of Windows 7 allow you to change the wallpaper on your desktop screen to one of your choice and also download themes from the Internet. But this is not an option in Windows 7 Starter and if you try to download themes or wall paper it does not allow you. But there is a way round this and after I searched the web I found out how to do this by using my laptop settings and it worked. I now have my own desktop theme in my own colors and I will now explain how to change the default color screen and how to also change the appearance of both the task and menu bar,by using the settings only.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Chromium web browser.

There are many new web browsers on the market now and among Flock and Firefox,there are also quite a number of Chrome browsers. For most people it's Google Chrome or Chromium. There are many other chrome browsers but most are just clones of Google Chrome and Chromium.

I recently bought my laptop and naturally I have been experimenting with new soft where and ways to improve my PC and choosing the best browsers. I have Flock,Firefox and other browsers and I had Google Chrome,Comodo Dragon and Chromium. But as all these were the same browsers in all but name, I got rid of all but one chrome browser to free up disk space on my computer. 

I kept Chromium browser because it is faster than the others with fewer crashes. Google Chrome works well and they have recently upgraded to Google Chrome Beta,but this only works on Windows 7,which I have, and Windows Vista. so people with other PCs can only use the previous version of Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon was running slow and Iron browser, I did not like at all because it clashed with my Chromium so I uninstalled it right away. All chrome browsers are exactly the same,so you only need one or two of them. So I kept Chromium and the really good thing about this is that it updates at least once a day. 

Chromium is made by the same company who make Google Chrome,but it is open source,which means not as many people us it as G.Chrome and it is always updating. Also you can do all of the same things you can with G. Chrome and use Google Talk and video chat with it. 

As well as all of the add ons and themes for Google Chrome,will work on Chromium browser. But a lot of people including myself have found that there are many articles about Chromium but very few download links to get the browser! 

A lot of sites I visited had no download link or ones that were broken and did not work. I got my Chromium browser from a site called C Net,which lists nearly every browser ever made and many new ones,plus a download of Chromium that was compatible with my computer. The C Net download comes as a zipped file,that you extract and open to install and is the 2009 version, Chromium 4

But I recently found a more updated version of this years at another site,that publishes daily updates of Chromium browser. Here at this site you have the option of downloading as a zipped file or normal download.

So I now have Chromium 6, but I was unable to install this new version as a zipped file as it is not compatible with my Windows 7,but I was able to download normally. Chromium 4,although it is last years version,it works well,but on Chromium 6, 2010 version,you can now set it as your default browser,where as you can not with Chromium 4. 

After you install Chromium you should also install Chromium Nightly Updater.This is a useful tool as it will check for Chromium browser updates and will also download the latest version of Chromium,without you having to search for a site,to download from. Chromium updater can also be used to upgrade from last years version to the new version.

I was able to upgrade my 2009 version to this years version successfully,using the updater. It is not essential to upgrade your web browser every day and I find that all versions of Chromium 6 work the same,I still have last months version. But Chromium Nightly Updater, or CNU. for short, will save you a lot of time from searching the web for new downloads,which are difficult to find. CNU can be downloaded and stored on a PC desktop, or in documents, if you share a PC and do not want others to access it,without your permission. 

You can get Chromium web browser from the C Net website. And this years version which can be Chromium can be used alongside Google Chrome and other Chrome browsers or on it's own as well as with your regular browsers,Flock,Firefox,etc. Google Chrome browser is identical to Chromium and as mentioned both are from the same company,but Chromium was made first before Google Chrome. 

Google Chrome does not have any updater as Chromium does and Chromium updater will not work on Google Chrome.It will only work on Chromium, and there are various extensions for Chromium to update the browser but cnu is the best one. Some people prefer Chromium because it does not record your browsing history but Google Chrome does. But for me that is not an issue,but I do find Chromium to be more stable and faster than some other Chrome browsers. Also because Chromium is similar to G. chrome, Real Player will also work here on both browsers. 

Using Feedburner.

Most blog hosting sites come with the option to have an RSS feed or atom feed or both and this is one way to promote your site. With an rss feed people can subscribe to your blog,but there are also more advanced feeds,that show more updates and features. One such feed service is Feedburner.  Feedburner is a free service that can be used to create your own feed and you can also choose your URL feed address. Feedburner is useful,especially if your rss feed URL is long and difficult for people to remember.

I have started using feedburner recently because Windows Live Spaces have changed RSS feed address for all blogs,including mine,and the new feed URL is very long and most people will not remember it. So I turned to Feedburner, and with this I can choose my own web address for my feed and I can create as many feeds as I want for the same blog,with a different web address for each one. For example my RSS feed for one of my Sites on Windows Live Spaces- Hezbollah and Andrea posts, which is as you can see very long and complicated. So I have my own Feedburner URL which is and this is not only easier to remember but also Feedburner gives you the option to add subscriptions by email. Where readers can get email updates on new posts and also there are many different ways to promote your feed or create more feed address for the same site or your other sites. Feedburner is now part of Google so you can sign into Feedburner with your Google account and as mentioned before it is a free service. Blogger provides both an rss feed and an atom feed for blogs hosted there,but it also supports Feedburner. So you can have your blog redirected to your Feedburner feed by changing the settings in the menu. But I have not done this as I am quite happy to use both my atom feed and my Feedburner feed for my sites hosted here on Blogger. 

And many other blogging services,such as Wordpress and others support Feedburner. I now have Feedburner for my You Tube channel and I still have the regular feed as well. So having feedburner and using it along side your other feed increases readers subscribing to your feed and site and also search engines pick this up and index your site too. The added bonus is also the fact that you can customise your feed,choose how many posts appear and Feedburner will even show your videos,where as regular rss feeds do not. There are also other feed services such as Feedblitz but this is not free and some others can create a feed for a site that does not have an rss or atom feed. But Feedburner cannot do this yet,it can only create feeds for sites that already have an rss feed at the moment. But Feedburner is a valuable tool which will make it easier both to create a feed and promote your site.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Can I uninstall Internet Explorer?

I have written a few posts about web browsers and many people dislike Internet Explorer web browser,including me. The new Internet Explorer 8 which is pre- installed on my laptop is no better than the previous version of Internet Explorer and there is talk of Microsoft bringing out Internet Explorer 9 soon. I have installed other browsers on my computer among them flock and Firefox but I never used Internet explorer. As when I have done it often crashes,is very very slow and often does not get on the web page resulting in a redirect.In fact it is completely useless and I see no need for it,when there are much better web browsers that are very good and fast,such as Google Chrome,Flock and others.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Upgrade your browsers.

I have several different web browsers on my computer and I have had messages from Windows to upgrade most of them.

The ones being upgraded now are as follows-Google Chrome to Google Chrome Beta, Firefox to Firefox 3.6.6,Flock to Flock 2.6.0, Seamonkey to the latest version, Lunascape and Opera browser.


Since I got my new laptop over 2 months ago I have been looking at ways to improve my blog posts and store my videos that I make. A few months ago I told you about Real Player,the free version,which you can download. This downloads videos from most sites and stores them in a file on the computer,so you can upload to your site. But the disadvantage is that it only works on Firefox,Google Chrome and Lunascape browsers. So it does not work on flock or other browsers,apart from the 3 mentioned,although it some times works on Chromium web browser.

Viddler Deleted My Account.

There are many video sharing sites on the web at the moment,not just You Tube but many other sites that are unknown to most people.

You Tube is the best site as it is well known and most people visit there,and not only that, but they are the most open minded site. In that they will allow pretty much any content no matter how eccentric as long as it is not copyright or porn. But this is not true of some other video sites.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Web browsers-known and unknown.

Recently I got my own laptop and so I started to experiment on how to get the best of the web. The first thing I did was to download Flock and Google Chrome browsers,which are installed on my laptop. I now have Firefox and Safari web browsers as well.

Internet Explorer is very slow so it is better to use Flock or Google Chrome if you can get it. Also since I installed Safari I have found my videos play better. Safari give you a Quick Time player and I Tunes as well. A lot of web browsers give you additional equipment to make the browser work. So when you install a new browser,you are not just getting that,you are also getting soft where to make your computer run faster and better. Can't be bad can it? A web browser is a tool to get online and search the web and the main one is Internet Explorer. But soon that may be replaced with a more modern browser such as Flock or Google Chrome. But many Internet cafes are still using Internet Explorer,which I find very slow,but the new browsers have better features to make both browsing and blogging easier.

Although in some Internet cafes you can download Flock but this gets erased when the computer is turned off,where as with a home computer this is not the case. On a home computer the browser stays on there unless you decide you do not want it anymore.

In this case you can uninstall the programme. But there are many other unknown browsers,I have got Maxthon 2 and Deepnet Explorer,which is not connected with Internet explorer. Some of the unknown browsers are very fast and good,K Melon and Slim Browser are worth having,and also Green Browser and Avent Browser. But one word of warning is when you download some browsers,if you get a warning saying that the soft where is unknown and could harm your computer,then don't download. Internet Explorer is very slow and not very reliable so it is well worth using an alternative browser. Although I some times use Internet explorer,other times I switch to Flock or other browser when it goes slow.

The one disadvantage is that you need to be using Internet Explorer to download another browser. If you try to do this on a different browser,it just goes into a file,but when the old browser is phased out,maybe this will change. I would say to any body that you should have another browser to use as an alternative as it is very useful. In addition I also have Opera,which is also fast like the other browsers.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Flock web browser.

I have started to use and publish posts with the Flock browser. I think it is far superior to Internet Explorer in that it is faster. Also as not so many people use it,as it is quite new,this could be another reason why it is faster. For example,Internet Explorer is used by most people,so at peak times when the net is very busy,that is why the Internet is slow. Where as with Flock this is not the case and also it is a newer,more faster browser. You can do all of the things with Flock,the same way you can with the main browser. Such as upload photos and make and record videos. In addition to that, flock lists the most well known social network sites, and has tools to help you publish blog posts and access your email accounts faster.

So it is well worth checking out and you can get flock by going to,then download according to the instructions. There are also many other browsers and I sometimes use Firefox,but I find that for me,Flock works better.I think it is well worth using flock as another browser and alternative to Internet Explorer,and also it is designed to work with Internet explorer as well. Also if you some times find one browser is slow,you can resolve this problem by switching to flock to get round this. For example,when I tried to publish my video subtitles on You Tube with Internet Explorer,it did not re publish. But when I used Flock,I found that I could,so this is just one of the many advantages of using an alternative browser.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Uploading videos.

I have made many videos on You Tube and other sites,but some times I like to show them on different video sites. When I want to post my videos here on blogger,I just embed them. This is the easiest and quickest way to post them,but what if you want to put that video from another site that you recorded onto You Tube or some where else.

Unfortunately you cannot embed your videos onto YouTube or many other video sites,you have to upload them. This is quite difficult in itself,particularly if you are working on a shared computer. But the easiest way I have found is to use Real Player and I will explain how to do this.

First go to Real and click "download Real Player" follow the instructions and then select " basic Real Player." This will install Real Player onto any computer,even most shared computers.

Then go to your video and in the corner of video you should see "download this video." Click on this and wait for video to download and this also downloads more than one video.

After the video is downloaded select file and you will see "add files to my library."You can then save the video in the file of your choice and when you set up Real Player,you can choose which file to store your videos by clicking "preferences."

If you use a shared computer,for example a computer in a library or Internet cafe,You can still download and use Real Player,it does not harm the computer and as this is only a temporary program. It is wiped from the computer when switched off,but on a private computer the program remains on the computer until you re program it.

Once you have stored your video,go to the site you wish to upload it to,then click,"upload video" and select the video from the file.

This is how I get my videos onto my other sites,but the disadvantage with You Tube is that you can only record and upload videos up to ten minutes long. Also previously,I was uploading many of my,My Space videos onto my sites.

But unfortunately,My Space has now disabled Real Player on their site so it is not possible at the moment to get Real Player on My Space.Which is a shame,but Real Player will work on most sites and you can also use it to just play videos that are slow on certain sites as well. Which is also good if you just want to watch a video in better quality and not store it in a file.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Daily Motion-video channel.

There is a site on the web,which I have just discovered and have started to use. It is Daily Motion and it is similar to You Tube in that you can upload and record videos and publish online. The difference is that on Daily Motion you can record videos and upload up to twenty minutes long. Where as on You Tube the limit is ten minutes and also you can embed your Daily Motion videos on your other websites as well. I don't think that Daily Motion is as well known as You Tube but It is still a good site if you want to make longer videos. Take a look at two of my videos I have embedded here,on this site. My site at Daily Motion is at