Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Web browsers-known and unknown.

Recently I got my own laptop and so I started to experiment on how to get the best of the web. The first thing I did was to download Flock and Google Chrome browsers,which are installed on my laptop. I now have Firefox and Safari web browsers as well.

Internet Explorer is very slow so it is better to use Flock or Google Chrome if you can get it. Also since I installed Safari I have found my videos play better. Safari give you a Quick Time player and I Tunes as well. A lot of web browsers give you additional equipment to make the browser work. So when you install a new browser,you are not just getting that,you are also getting soft where to make your computer run faster and better. Can't be bad can it? A web browser is a tool to get online and search the web and the main one is Internet Explorer. But soon that may be replaced with a more modern browser such as Flock or Google Chrome. But many Internet cafes are still using Internet Explorer,which I find very slow,but the new browsers have better features to make both browsing and blogging easier.

Although in some Internet cafes you can download Flock but this gets erased when the computer is turned off,where as with a home computer this is not the case. On a home computer the browser stays on there unless you decide you do not want it anymore.

In this case you can uninstall the programme. But there are many other unknown browsers,I have got Maxthon 2 and Deepnet Explorer,which is not connected with Internet explorer. Some of the unknown browsers are very fast and good,K Melon and Slim Browser are worth having,and also Green Browser and Avent Browser. But one word of warning is when you download some browsers,if you get a warning saying that the soft where is unknown and could harm your computer,then don't download. Internet Explorer is very slow and not very reliable so it is well worth using an alternative browser. Although I some times use Internet explorer,other times I switch to Flock or other browser when it goes slow.

The one disadvantage is that you need to be using Internet Explorer to download another browser. If you try to do this on a different browser,it just goes into a file,but when the old browser is phased out,maybe this will change. I would say to any body that you should have another browser to use as an alternative as it is very useful. In addition I also have Opera,which is also fast like the other browsers.

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