Sunday, 4 July 2010

Viddler Deleted My Account.

There are many video sharing sites on the web at the moment,not just You Tube but many other sites that are unknown to most people.

You Tube is the best site as it is well known and most people visit there,and not only that, but they are the most open minded site. In that they will allow pretty much any content no matter how eccentric as long as it is not copyright or porn. But this is not true of some other video sites.

I host my main videos on You Tube and have my longer videos on My Space and Dailymotion because,You Tube only allows videos 10 minutes long. But I find that when my videos are posted on different sites,it attracts more views and the search engines index them a lot.

Some of my videos have been posted on other media sites that are video search engines,not by me. But when a video is played or indexed a lot on the web,a video search engine will add it,so mine are no exception.

3 days ago on 1st July 2010,I was looking at the video search engines and I noticed my Viddler videos missing. So I clicked on the video and it was not there,and the same thing happened with my other Viddler videos. So I looked for my channel on the web and it was not there and I tried to log into my account but could not. My account had been deleted by Vidder managers.

So I created another account to see if I deleted it accidentally,but there was no deletion link. Apparently you cannot delete your own account with Viddler.

So I emailed Viddler to ask them why my account was deleted and I also told them they were wrong to just do it without telling me first.They wrote back and said the reason my account was deleted was because in my videos,I spoke of my support for Hezbollah. Which they said was a terrorist organization and they included a web link that showed them on a terrorist list.

I could not believe this and I found out from browsing the web that other people have also had their channels deleted when they should not have been.

I also found a number of people who like me on Viddler,had to create another account in order to talk to the bosses of Viddler. As you have to log in to email an administrator or even put your problem on the post forum.

Also I noticed these people who had their accounts deleted,had not put any videos on their new account. For fear of being deleted again, and I found out I am not the only one it happened to.

There was one person I read about who lost their account and video channel on Blip TV,for uploading too many videos! Can you believe that? Others had their accounts deleted on different video sites,because they did not have enough videos or had too basic videos,or because their work was mistaken for copyright.

The video sharing sites I am talking about are not well known sites,and this has never happened on You Tube or My Space,which is more user friendly anyway.

But that's not the point,as people should have a choice about what site they go on. And what is the point in going on a site where you cannot show the work you want,which is your own work?

I cannot help wondering if Viddler would have been so quick to delete my account. If I had instead,spoke in favor of Israel and it's government,instead of Hezbollah and other people,who are against Israels human rights violations. Which are known to most people who watch the news channels.

Web hosters say if you own a site you should host on your own domain and not on a sub domain,but you cannot yet do this with a video channel.

There is not this problem with You Tube,as there,there are many different types of channels with different political views but many other sites are not as flexible as You Tube.

I would advise anyone thinking of starting a video channel to pick your video sharing site carefully,as they all work differently. As well as the fact that some may not be so user friendly.

Hosting your videos on your own domain is one option,and I have read of one site that allows this,but this is not practical or affordable for most people.

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