Sunday, 4 July 2010

Upgrade your browsers.

I have several different web browsers on my computer and I have had messages from Windows to upgrade most of them.

The ones being upgraded now are as follows-Google Chrome to Google Chrome Beta, Firefox to Firefox 3.6.6,Flock to Flock 2.6.0, Seamonkey to the latest version, Lunascape and Opera browser.

There is also a new version of Windows Live Messenger called Windows Live Beta, which you can download. This only came out a week ago,but it only works on Windows 7 computers or Windows Vista and not on Windows XP or MAC.

So anyone who does not have Windows 7 or Vista,will have to use the regular version of Windows Live messenger. Although if for example, you have Windows Live Beta like I have, as I have Windows 7 and the person you are calling has the ordinary version of Windows Live,this will still work. You can call that person and they can call you,and you can still have live video chats. In the Beta version of Windows Live,you can send video emails to anyone,including those who are not on Windows Live. Although the person you send them to can see the video message,they cannot send one to you,unless they too have Windows Live Beta.

The video messaging is a new feature that is only on Beta but not on regular Windows Live. Also in Google Chrome Beta,there is a more modern version of Google Talk,another video and voice messenger. Click the help option on your browser to check if you have the latest version.Flock,Seamonkey, Wyzo and Firefox users can get updates from the Mozilla website,which will have the latest versions that you can download. It is not essential to upgrade now but it is useful to benefit from the latest features.

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