Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The email that nobody can use.

Here is a video in which I have an open chat with my friend about email clients,such as Outlook Express,Thunderbird and others. They are impossible to use for most computer users.

Should you post on a forum?-video.

Here is a video in which I talk about the problems of using computer software forums. And I talk about how Linux Mint forums threatened to ban me. Because they did not like my ideas about computing.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pale Moon 4 is here.

Firefox 3 has now been discontinued a few days ago and has been replaced with Firefox 4. And now Pale Moon have released their version-Pale Moon 4,which is available for download.

I tried Firefox 4 and I was not very impressed with it or it's rather bland appearance.But Pale Moon is different. Pale Moon is an open source version of Firefox that is made only for Windows. But it is much faster than Firefox and I have been using Pale Moon 3 for quite some time now.

And I have tried the new Pale Moon 4 and although it is based on Firefox 4,it works much better than Firefox 4 does.And is faster than Pale Moon 3. The tool bar in Pale Moon 4 is similar to Firefox 4 but is not exactly the same. As I think that it looks a lot nicer in appearance than Firefox 4s toolbar, as the layout in Pale Moon 4 is slightly different.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Should you post on a forum?

I got my own laptop last year,which is my first computer,a Netbook. And since that time I now have three Netbooks,all Windows 7. And so I have started to take an interest in computer software. And I tried Linux Mint 9 for a short time but it did not work out for me. So I uninstalled it, and I now have just got Windows 7 only, on my computer.Which I am very happy with.

But it was my interest in software that led me to join a computer software forum. The most well known computer software forums are Windows 7 forums and Linux Mint forums as well as many others. And I have joined several of these forums, but now I am sorry that I did, and I now wished that I had not bothered to.

I have been writing several post on Windows 7 forums and Linux Mint forums and some others. And the Linux Mint forums has threatened to ban me from the forum because it does not like my posts.