Saturday, 1 October 2011

How to get the Vista sidebar back in Windows 7.

The Windows Sidebar that is in Windows Vista is not included in Windows 7. But you get back the Vista sidebar in Windows 7. Here is how.

There are many tutorials on the web that tell you to first take ownership of the Windows Sidebar program file in Windows 7. And then delete or rename the file,before installing Windows Sidebar for Windows Vista. But you DO NOT need to do this. As I have found that when I had deleted the Windows 7 sidebar program file,that I could not add gadgets to my sidebar.

So to install the original Windows Sidebar for Windows Vista on Windows 7,all you need to do is just download it from the web. The program comes as a zip file. Then click extract all files, and extract the files to programs on C drive. And then click send to desktop, to create a quick launch shortcut. And that's it,the Windows Sidebar is now installed on Windows 7. Windows Sidebar works with your Windows 7 gadgets. And you can add gadgets to the sidebar and install more gadgets from the web for your sidebar.

But in order for the sidebar to work,you must make sure that Windows gadgets is enabled on not turned off in Windows program features. And DO NOT delete the original Windows Sidebar program for Windows 7. As you need this to add the gadgets to the Vista Sidebar. And if you delete the Windows 7 gadgets program file (also called Windows Sidebar) or turn off Windows gadgets,you will not be able to add gadgets to your sidebar. And you will just get a blank sidebar!

The Vista sidebar works on Aero theme and on Windows Classic theme setting. And you can change the Windows Sidebar settings,to make it transparent or solid color. And set it to the left or right hand side of the screen. The Vista sidebar works perfect on Windows 7. And I was lucky enough to find a download link for it on the web which I have saved to my files on Mediafire.

And as Windows 7 and Windows Vista are very much alike,most software for Windows Vista works on Windows 7. And the Windows Vista Sidebar is no exception.

Images-top left-Vista Sidebar with the default Windows 7 theme. And with the Windows Vista wallpaper on Windows 7.

Top left-Vista Sidebar on Windows Classic theme on Windows 7.

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