Friday, 20 January 2012

Blog update.

I have decided to put all of my work from my 4 other blogs,Hezbollah Milita,Hezbollah connect and Hezbollah-Andrea Pages into 3 blogs. I have done this because I find managing 7 blogs too much of a handful.

So I have discontinued my other 3 blogs,Hezbollah Milita,Hezbollah Connect and Hezbollah-Andrea pages,they are no more now. And instead I have moved all of my best posts from these blogs onto this site-Hezbollah And Andrea online and my other site-Hezbollah And Andrea.

I also have a new web address for my other site-Hezbollah And Andrea online,which can now be found at

My other website,Hezbollah And Andrea can be found at the same web address at

My other website,Hezbollah And Andrea Sites can be found the same web address, at

So now you know.

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