Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blip TV Restricts Users.

I mostly use You Tube to upload to and share my videos,though I also use a few less well known video sharing sites. One of these is Blip TV who I have been with since 2010. Well yesterday I was uploading my videos to Blip as I normally do. The first video I uploaded was fine and it uploaded and published. Then when I uploaded my second video, I got an error message saying I can only upload one video in 24 hours.

At first I thought there was a glitch on the site so I emailed Blip TV support.Then I did a search on Google as I thought it strange that I could only upload one video per 24 hours. I found this post on Change.Org that said Blip TV have restricted their users to one video upload every 24 hours. Also Blip TV are deleting accounts of users who are not film producers.
See here-

I could not believe it,apparently there used to be an upload limit of three videos per 24 hours though I was not even aware of this. Now they had restricted that limit to one video. I tend to make rather long videos, which I split into three parts. Which is three separate videos and so one video per 24 hours is not enough for me. As this means that if my video is in three or four parts which many of my videos are. Then my viewers have to wait several days before they can see part two or three and the rest of my video. So of course I deleted all of my videos from Blip TV in disgust over this.

Later on yesterday I got a response to my email from Blip TV which said this.
Here is Blip TVs response to me by email-

"Blip Support, May 10 01:27 pm (EDT):

Blip's mission is to bring the best in original web series to our audience. Blip is not an open platform for hosting video content.

Our recent changes to the upload limit are so that we can best support serious web producers in this endeavor.

You can read about this more here:

(Link to changes.)

You can also read about our "Permitted Uses" and "Prohibited Content" here:

(Link to terms.)

After reviewing your account, it's clear that your content is better suited for open platforms such as You Tube or paid platforms such as Vimeo. In the education space, vendors such as Kaltura are also available.

Your account will be closed on June 15th, 2013.

Please take the time now to move your content to another service provider better suited to your streaming needs.

In the meantime, you will still be permitted one upload per day to help smooth your transition.

Blip TV Support."

So there you have it. Blip TV have now restricted their users to one upload a day which is stupid and they are deleting accounts of ordinary users who are not film producers. Or paying subscribers and they are deleting my account in June. I make my own videos as my hobby the same as I blog and write my websites as a hobby. I do not intend to start paying money to upload my videos and I won't. I have my videos on You Tube and some other smaller video sharing sites like Blip TV.

My videos on My Space and Dailymotion and Blip don't get as many views as on You Tube. Though that's not the point as if I had not emailed Blip TV I would not even have known my account was going to be deleted in June. The same thing is happening to other users.Most of us are not film producers.we are simply ordinary computer users who want to share our videos with others. This new policy that Blip TV have is just stupid, as why should we have to pay to host our videos. So the best thing to do is forget Blip TV, as it's a waste of space and stick with You Tube,as it's free to use.


I have just got an email from Blip TV today,Monday 13th May just now, 7.30 PM English time.
It says they have just removed my account from Blip TV. Here is the email I got.

Second Email from Blip TV.


We have closed your Blip account.

This is part of the initiative we announced on March 1st, 2013:

  (Link to updated terms.)

Blip TV Support."

Well I had already deleted my videos from Blip TV a few days ago, on Friday, in disgust at their new one upload a day policy. First they told me they were going to delete my account in June, but now they have deleted it today instead. It seems it's true that Blip TV do not want ordinary users, unless they are film producers. Though if they treat their users like that, then Blip TV is no loss. As there are plenty of other video sharing sites where we will be welcome.


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