Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Adding files.

Here on Blogger uploading files is disabled,both for sites published on blog spot and also for custom domain blogs. But there is another way to show your own files. If you have files on Google documents,you can quite easily publish them on your blog,by either posting by email or by clicking post to blog. Which is a setting on Google docs.I myself do not embed my files,I just post them to my blog by email or publish them by using the publish setting on docs. This makes the document look like a web page. This also is more attractive to readers,as most people who visit a site prefer to read web pages,rather than look at files. Which can be quite bland in appearance also you can upload a photo on your page,which also looks good with the document.One example is a document I have published here on this site,in which I have uploaded a photo at the top of the post. Also I have added the web link in which you can view my document in it's original form. You can also add a web link that people can click on to view your file in it's original P.D.F for if you have uploaded it on the web.I also have published my Google docs. this way on my other websites.

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