Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Windows NT 3.51 Program Manager On Windows 7 & 8.

Program Manager was every version of Windows from Windows 1x to Windows 2000. Windows 95,98 and Windows ME had the 16 bit version from Windows 3x.  There was also a 32 bit version that was in Windows NT3,Windows NT4 and Windows 2000. But Microsoft disabled Program Manager in Windows XP. It's still in there but it does not run and was removed altogether from Windows Vista onward.

Reinstate The Windows 7 MSConfig On Windows 8.

I recently wrote a post on how to get the MSConfig,System Configuration, on Windows 8. Because the problem with the one on Windows 8 is that you can no longer view or manage your start up programs from there as Microsoft have removed this feature. So it does not work anymore, you now have to go to the Windows 8 Task Manager.

Get The Classic Windows NT 3.51 Control Panel On Windows XP,Vista,7 & 8.

As well as Windows 3x which was a 16 bit operating system, Microsoft also made an NT version which was 32 bit. This was Windows NT3x and the first version was Windows NT 3.1. Then there was Windows NT 3.5, then NT 3.51. All of the Windows NT3's looked exactly like Windows 3.1, except they were 32 bit, did not have DOS. Where as Windows 3x was 16 bit, and was also a DOS operating system that could boot into DOS, and run DOS programs.

Windows 3.11 File Manager On Windows 8.

This also works on Windows 7,Windows Vista and Windows XP as well as on Windows 8.1. But you must be running 32 bit Windows, because this is the 16 bit File Manager that cannot run on 64 bit Windows.

File Manager has been in Windows from Windows 3x and there was also a 32 bit version that was in Windows NT3 and NT4. Both of which were 32 bit Windows and Windows 3x was 16 bit, although it could run 32 bit software.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Get Back The Classic MsConfig On Windows 8.

In my last post I showed you how to get the old Task Manager from Windows NT4 and Windows XP on Windows 8. See this post here.

Today I am going to show you how to get the old MsConfig, which is System Configuration from Previous versions of Windows on 8. And this also works on Windows 8.1.

So you have replaced the Windows 8 Task Manager with that from Windows XP or NT4, but there is one small problem. When you open System Configuration,also called MsConfig,it does not display the start up programs. Because Microsoft have changed this in the Windows 8 MsConfig and you now have to go to the Windows 8 Task Manager to see and manage your start up programs. But the Windows 7,Windows XP and Windows NT4 Task Manager does not have this.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Get Back The Old Task Manager On Windows 8.

This also works on Windows 7.

Microsoft has changed the Task Manager on Windows 8. It is a lot different from what it was in Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows. Many people including myself are not very happy with the new Task Manager that is on Windows 8. I have been having problems with it in that it is very slow to start. And often when I have run a program and it freezes or Explorer freezes or crashes, When I try to bring up Task Manager to end it. It takes ages to come up and by the time it does,it's too late and my system or program has crashed. Then I have to restart my program or whatever I am using again.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Windows 98 Welcome Exe On Windows 8.

I found an interesting post on one of the forums about trying to run the Windows 98 Welcome tour on later versions of Windows. If you have used Windows 98, you will know about the spash screen with the nice music you get every time you log into Windows with the short tour of what's in Windows 98.
This is known as the Welcome exe or Windows 98 Welcome.