Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Custom Domain.

Readers of my sites now know that I have recently started to host all of my Blogger blogs on my own custom domain.In this post I am going to share with you my useful tips in case other readers would like to create or host their own blog or website.I am speaking from my own experience,I myself am no expert webmaster,well most people who blog are not. But you don't have to be expert at computer or the Internet to create and host a site.

There are many blogging companies out there to choose from as your host,but I think Blogger is the best and easiest one to use and get along with,Why? Well Blogger is quite flexible in that it lets you present your site in the way you want to. For example I have tried Wordpress and I have found that if I wanted to change my page color or embed videos,I would have to upgrade,that is pay for this.Which I think is quite mean,as you should not have to pay to choose your page color or embed your own videos. Also Wordpress is quite complicated and difficult to use,unless you have a lot of experience of the Internet and computer skills. A lot of people use Wordpress and say it has more advanced facilities,than Blogger and other companies,although I don't think this is true.I think you can do a lot with Blogger to make your site look professional and there is a lot of choice of templates and page design to choose from.

And of course once you have chosen a template,you can change the page color yourself to one of your choice and also the text color as I have done.For me Blogger is best and also it is the easiest way to have a site,also the settings are really easy to use. There are three post editors,you can choose from in settings,but I choose the old editor,as this has a spellings check facility. Which is useful for me as my spelling is not all that great.Also with Blogger you don't have to have a blogspot address,if you don't want to, you can have your own address.Which is a custom domain,which means that although you have your own web address owned by you,Blogger will still host your blog for you. I have chosen to do this and I think this is the best option for anybody wanting their own domain,as Blogger sets everything up for you,including transfer of files and mapping and gets rid of the complicated bits. With a lot of other companies,you have to set everything up yourself and do your own mapping,which I could not do.

Also a lot of companies charge extra for hosting,Blogger does not. On Wordpress for example,you have to set everything yourself and map your domain to Wordpress,which is difficult.There are other companies who will let you create a site and buy a domain through them and host it for you,but most are quite expensive. So here is the best way to have your own site AND your own domain. First create a blog with Blogger and choose a blogspot address. After this when your blog is created go to settings and select custom domain. Then choose the address you want to have and follow the instructions on the form and that's it! Don't forget you also get your own free Google apps. account with your own email address,which is the same as your domain as well. Also the yearly charge for a domain is only $10 U.S dollars,which is £7.50 English pounds,which is very cheap and you still get the same great facilities that Blogger provides to make your site look good.Also if you decide that you no longer want to be on custom domain,you can change back to your old blogspot address by using the settings on your blog. So I would advise anybody to take this route,as it is easy and avoids the hassle for anybody who is unfamiliar with the more advanced Internet skills.

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