Saturday, 27 February 2010

Uploading videos.

I have made many videos on You Tube and other sites,but some times I like to show them on different video sites. When I want to post my videos here on blogger,I just embed them. This is the easiest and quickest way to post them,but what if you want to put that video from another site that you recorded onto You Tube or some where else.

Unfortunately you cannot embed your videos onto YouTube or many other video sites,you have to upload them. This is quite difficult in itself,particularly if you are working on a shared computer. But the easiest way I have found is to use Real Player and I will explain how to do this.

First go to Real and click "download Real Player" follow the instructions and then select " basic Real Player." This will install Real Player onto any computer,even most shared computers.

Then go to your video and in the corner of video you should see "download this video." Click on this and wait for video to download and this also downloads more than one video.

After the video is downloaded select file and you will see "add files to my library."You can then save the video in the file of your choice and when you set up Real Player,you can choose which file to store your videos by clicking "preferences."

If you use a shared computer,for example a computer in a library or Internet cafe,You can still download and use Real Player,it does not harm the computer and as this is only a temporary program. It is wiped from the computer when switched off,but on a private computer the program remains on the computer until you re program it.

Once you have stored your video,go to the site you wish to upload it to,then click,"upload video" and select the video from the file.

This is how I get my videos onto my other sites,but the disadvantage with You Tube is that you can only record and upload videos up to ten minutes long. Also previously,I was uploading many of my,My Space videos onto my sites.

But unfortunately,My Space has now disabled Real Player on their site so it is not possible at the moment to get Real Player on My Space.Which is a shame,but Real Player will work on most sites and you can also use it to just play videos that are slow on certain sites as well. Which is also good if you just want to watch a video in better quality and not store it in a file.

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  1. Thank you for your words of encouragement.I am no expert at the web,but I am picking up new skills all the time.I hope my tips will be useful to you.Andrea.