Monday, 5 July 2010

Can I uninstall Internet Explorer?

I have written a few posts about web browsers and many people dislike Internet Explorer web browser,including me. The new Internet Explorer 8 which is pre- installed on my laptop is no better than the previous version of Internet Explorer and there is talk of Microsoft bringing out Internet Explorer 9 soon. I have installed other browsers on my computer among them flock and Firefox but I never used Internet explorer. As when I have done it often crashes,is very very slow and often does not get on the web page resulting in a redirect.In fact it is completely useless and I see no need for it,when there are much better web browsers that are very good and fast,such as Google Chrome,Flock and others.

So when we have other browsers on our PC and are using those instead,most people want to get rid of Internet Explorer and uninstall it from their computer. But unfortunately while you can choose to have Flock or Firefox on your computer and can uninstall it if you wish, you cannot do this with Internet Explorer,including Internet Explorer 8. From what I have read,any Windows computer including,Windows Vista,Windows XP and Windows 7 must have Internet Explorer in order for Windows to work. If you uninstall Internet Explorer or Internet Explorer 8. Windows will stop working and so you re computer will no longer work as windows will not start up,rendering the computer useless.

So the answer to the question,can you uninstall Internet Explorer ? Is, no you can not,but you can however choose to disable it or hide it as I have done. On your computer go to control panel settings and click how to enable or disable Windows features and then tick the box marked Internet Explorer 8,follow the instructions and restart your computer. Then Internet Explorer will still be on your computer but will be disabled but not deleted,and will not show up in the start menu or pop up where it is not wanted. This is what I have done,so Internet Explorer 8 is still on my computer but disabled or hidden.Then if you change your mind you can go back to control panel and untick the box for Internet Explorer 8 to enable it and Internet Explorer is back in use again. This is the best option,to disable or hide Internet Explorer without ruining your computer. So you can hide Internet Explorer,but you can not uninstall or delete it or delete any of the files, as if you do this Windows will no longer work.

On a MAC PC Internet explorer is not pre-Installed as this is not Windows and runs on a different system. On MAC Safari is the browser that makes this software function,so MAC PCs do not need Internet Explorer to function. But with Windows PCs although you can use Safari browser here,Safari is compatible with all versions of Windows,including Windows 7. I have Safari on my computer and of course it is better than Internet Explorer. But on Windows PCs you cannot uninstall Internet Explorer as this is not yet an option.

Note- I have recently found a way to uninstall Internet Explorer on Windows 7 without effecting Windows or the operating system. I uninstalled Internet Explorer by editing the file on my computer hard drive and then deleting it. This removes Internet Explorer completely and it has not effected my Windows 7 laptop in the least. As this only removes the web browser. Read more in my other post- How to uninstall Internet Explorer completely at

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