Saturday, 24 July 2010

Change your desktop theme in Windows 7 Starter.

A lot of computers and laptops being made now,no longer have Windows Vista or Windows XP,they now have Windows 7. The most common version is Windows 7 Starter edition. There are also other editions of Windows 7,such as Home Premium,but they are often only pre-installed on more expensive laptops not on net books,which is what I have. If you have Windows 7 Starter you can upgrade to another edition of Windows 7,but it is very expensive and you cannot do this with all laptops. Other editions of Windows 7 allow you to change the wallpaper on your desktop screen to one of your choice and also download themes from the Internet. But this is not an option in Windows 7 Starter and if you try to download themes or wall paper it does not allow you. But there is a way round this and after I searched the web I found out how to do this by using my laptop settings and it worked. I now have my own desktop theme in my own colors and I will now explain how to change the default color screen and how to also change the appearance of both the task and menu bar,by using the settings only.
That is you can do this without having to download and install third party soft where from the Internet.One of the things Windows 7 Starter does let you do is download screen savers,but it will not let you install wallpaper. 

It is not that Windows 7 Starter edition does not allow you to change your desktop theme,it is just that it does not have direct settings in the menu the same way other editions of Windows 7 do. But there are settings in Windows 7 Starter you can use both to create your own desktop color theme and also to personalize your computer in other ways to look like you want it to. First lets look at the task bar and menu bar. This is set by default at the bottom of the screen,but you can change this in settings,to be displayed at the top of the screen,or at the left or right hand side of screen.

Go to control panel and select "task bar"then click apply to view and then save if you are happy with the change. Both the task and menu bar will then display at the top or left or right hand side and note that if you choose to have the task bar at the right side,the menu will also be shown on your right,but in all other selections,will be on the left. But now you may want to change the colors altogether and this is how to. For color change go to settings in control panel and this is IMPORTANT,do not select Windows 7 basic option or nothing will change.

Your desktop screen will not change color as the settings will not work. You must select Windows Classic option in settings and after you have done this you will see both your screen and task bar now looks like the Windows Vista theme. Some people like this but not everyone,so once you have chosen Windows classic option in settings,click "advanced" and you will then see different color options. From here you can easily change the desktop theme to a color of your choice,as well as both the task bar and menu bar and even the test if you wish to. There is also a color wheel for more choice of colors. Once you have chosen the colors you want click "apply" and then "save" to save settings. Your desktop color ,task and menu bar and other settings you have chosen should now be changed,and your laptop screen is now the color of your choice.

You can change these colors anytime you want and even experiment in different colors as well,by making your blues,reds or yellows lighter or darker by using the color wheel in advanced settings. If you decide you want to go back to the default theme,you can do this by selecting "windows 7 Basic" and your computer is restored to it's default appearance again. So there it is,a way to change your desktop screen and other feature on your laptop without having to upgrade or use soft where from the Internet,which carries risks of viruses.

 I have tried it and it works for me,in fact I think it's better than any wall paper from the web. Photos above-some examples of how you can change the default Windows 7 Starter theme to one of your choice. You can also move the task bar to the left,right, or the top of the screen as shown here.

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