Sunday, 18 July 2010

Chromium web browser.

There are many new web browsers on the market now and among Flock and Firefox,there are also quite a number of Chrome browsers. For most people it's Google Chrome or Chromium. There are many other chrome browsers but most are just clones of Google Chrome and Chromium.

I recently bought my laptop and naturally I have been experimenting with new soft where and ways to improve my PC and choosing the best browsers. I have Flock,Firefox and other browsers and I had Google Chrome,Comodo Dragon and Chromium. But as all these were the same browsers in all but name, I got rid of all but one chrome browser to free up disk space on my computer. 

I kept Chromium browser because it is faster than the others with fewer crashes. Google Chrome works well and they have recently upgraded to Google Chrome Beta,but this only works on Windows 7,which I have, and Windows Vista. so people with other PCs can only use the previous version of Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon was running slow and Iron browser, I did not like at all because it clashed with my Chromium so I uninstalled it right away. All chrome browsers are exactly the same,so you only need one or two of them. So I kept Chromium and the really good thing about this is that it updates at least once a day. 

Chromium is made by the same company who make Google Chrome,but it is open source,which means not as many people us it as G.Chrome and it is always updating. Also you can do all of the same things you can with G. Chrome and use Google Talk and video chat with it. 

As well as all of the add ons and themes for Google Chrome,will work on Chromium browser. But a lot of people including myself have found that there are many articles about Chromium but very few download links to get the browser! 

A lot of sites I visited had no download link or ones that were broken and did not work. I got my Chromium browser from a site called C Net,which lists nearly every browser ever made and many new ones,plus a download of Chromium that was compatible with my computer. The C Net download comes as a zipped file,that you extract and open to install and is the 2009 version, Chromium 4

But I recently found a more updated version of this years at another site,that publishes daily updates of Chromium browser. Here at this site you have the option of downloading as a zipped file or normal download.

So I now have Chromium 6, but I was unable to install this new version as a zipped file as it is not compatible with my Windows 7,but I was able to download normally. Chromium 4,although it is last years version,it works well,but on Chromium 6, 2010 version,you can now set it as your default browser,where as you can not with Chromium 4. 

After you install Chromium you should also install Chromium Nightly Updater.This is a useful tool as it will check for Chromium browser updates and will also download the latest version of Chromium,without you having to search for a site,to download from. Chromium updater can also be used to upgrade from last years version to the new version.

I was able to upgrade my 2009 version to this years version successfully,using the updater. It is not essential to upgrade your web browser every day and I find that all versions of Chromium 6 work the same,I still have last months version. But Chromium Nightly Updater, or CNU. for short, will save you a lot of time from searching the web for new downloads,which are difficult to find. CNU can be downloaded and stored on a PC desktop, or in documents, if you share a PC and do not want others to access it,without your permission. 

You can get Chromium web browser from the C Net website. And this years version which can be Chromium can be used alongside Google Chrome and other Chrome browsers or on it's own as well as with your regular browsers,Flock,Firefox,etc. Google Chrome browser is identical to Chromium and as mentioned both are from the same company,but Chromium was made first before Google Chrome. 

Google Chrome does not have any updater as Chromium does and Chromium updater will not work on Google Chrome.It will only work on Chromium, and there are various extensions for Chromium to update the browser but cnu is the best one. Some people prefer Chromium because it does not record your browsing history but Google Chrome does. But for me that is not an issue,but I do find Chromium to be more stable and faster than some other Chrome browsers. Also because Chromium is similar to G. chrome, Real Player will also work here on both browsers. 


  1. I used to use Internet Explorer but I found it very slow. Now I use Firefox which is better. But I tried Google Chrome and it crashed on me,so I will give this browser a try.Thanks for this useful post. Sue,New York. USA.

  2. A very interesting post,your tips are very helpful. Hala,Beirut,Lebanon.

  3. Thank you for supporting my site. I am just using my own experience of what I find works best on the web. Andrea.