Sunday, 4 July 2010


Since I got my new laptop over 2 months ago I have been looking at ways to improve my blog posts and store my videos that I make. A few months ago I told you about Real Player,the free version,which you can download. This downloads videos from most sites and stores them in a file on the computer,so you can upload to your site. But the disadvantage is that it only works on Firefox,Google Chrome and Lunascape browsers. So it does not work on flock or other browsers,apart from the 3 mentioned,although it some times works on Chromium web browser.

But I have both Chromium and Google Chrome and it only works on one of these,not both. But I have discovered,Downloadhelper,which is a Firefox add on, for Firefox,Flock and Wyzo browsers. Downloadhelper does not have to be downloaded onto your computer the same as Real Player does.

It is simply an add on for your browser,but it won't install on all of your web browsers. If you want it on Firefox,you have to open your Firefox browser and click the"add to Firefox or download"link,but this only installs it on Firefox. Then once you have added this to Firefox,if you want Downloadhelper on Flock,you have to open up Flock browser and click on the"add to Firefox"link again and then do the same for Wyzo browser.

I have added Downloadhelper to both Flock and Wyzo browsers but not Firefox,as Real Player works on there. Now having installed Downloadhelper,you can now download videos from any site and convert them onto Real Player to upload.

Downloadhelper works with Real Player and downloads the video onto Real Player,but also converts it into a Windows Media player. Which can then be stored in a file on your computer,so you can upload to your site or blog. When downloaded this way the video plays as a Windows Media Player or MP3,the same way a voice message is played. But you can see the video as you can when you play it in Real Player and it uploads as a video to any site,you want to show it on. With Downloadhelper I can download and save videos while using Flock or Wyzo browsers,without having to go to Chrome or Firefox.

In fact it is easier to use than Real Player where you have to play the video and try to save it,and it often does not store it in the file you want. So then you have to move the file and often,when I upload,I cannot find the video! But not with downloadhelper,and also Real Player is no longer supported on My Space video site,so it does not work there.

But with downloadhelper I have successfully downloaded and converted my videos,either onto Real Player or Windows Media and uploaded them to my other sites. When I could not before. You should first download and install Real Player on your computer and then add the Downloadhelper add on to your Flock,Wyzo or Firefox browsers if liked.

But downloadhelper does not work with Seamonkey or the other browsers I have,but it does give you more options than Real Player. Also it is quicker and easier to use and works on any site,where as Real Player does not.

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