Monday, 6 September 2010

Pale Moon browser-an alternative to Firefox.

Firefox Web browser is the most used browser after Internet Explorer. As Internet Explorer is very slow and unreliable more people are turning to other web browsers,the most used are Firefox,Flock and Google Chrome. I too have been using Firefox,which gets updated on a regular basis.But I like a lot of people find that although Firefox has none of the problems of Internet Explorer,it some times crashes and goes slow and freezes on some websites.

Flock is a much faster browser than Firefox and a lot of people use it as an alternative. But Flock has slightly different features than Firefox,true,most of the Firefox add ons are compatible with Flock.Except for the themes which do not work on Flock another Mozilla browser that is very fast and never crashes.But there is an open source web browser that is an alternative to Firefox,it is Pale Moon web browser.Pale Moon is the open source version of Firefox,the same as Chromium is the open source version of Google Chrome browser. So it is Identical to Firefox in every way except that Firefox is designed for all computers,Windows,Mac and other,where as Pale Moon is designed only for Windows computers.

So Pale Moon will not work on Mac for example,but Pale Moon is compatible for all Windows computers,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7 all other Windows software.Since I have been using Pale Moon browser,I do find it is much faster and has never yet crashed and downloads are faster.Since Firefox has been updated to 3.6.8 it has become slower. And the problem seems to be that as it is designed for all computer software and not just for Windows that is why Windows PC users find it to slow down a lot. It has been said that Firefox works better on Mac PCs than on windows,but Pale Moon is a Windows only browser.It is exactly the same as Firefox,in fact you can not tell them apart except for the icon,and it does all that Firefox does but is faster.

 The only difference is that Pale Moon browser is not made by Mozilla,like Flock and Firefox, is it is made by a different company.So Pale Moon is not a Mozilla browser but all of the Firefox add ons will work with Pale Moon and also like Firefox, Pale Moon can check all of your browser plug ins like Firefox does.Pale Moon directs you to the Mozilla website where you can check and update your plug ins. So with Pale Moon you have all of the features of Firefox but with none of the problems of Firefox and Pale Moon will import all of your Firefox bookmarks as well.The only plug in that does not work is Real Player,which works on Firefox but not on Pale Moon,Flock . But Downloadhelper,the Firefox add on does,and can be added to Pale Moon.Pale Moon can be used with Firefox or on its own. 

But I was so impressed with this browser that I have uninstalled my Firefox and am now just using Pale Moon browser instead. Pale Moon can be downloaded at website. It can be downloaded as a zip file or as normal download.

So if you are having problems with your Firefox browser or you just need a spare browser,Pale Moon is a good alternative. After all there are many Chrome browsers that are like Google Chrome to choose from that are exactly identical to Google Chrome,such as Iron browser and Comodo dragon. In which all the Google Chrome add ons work with these browsers.

So why not a Firefox alternative? I still have and use Flock which is a Mozilla browser,which is good and cause no problems,but now that I have Pale Moon,I have also got a browser that does all that Firefox does,only a better browser. So Pale Moon browser is worth getting.

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