Monday, 25 October 2010

Safefox browser.

Firefox is one of the most popular browsers that many people use but it is not without it's problems. Because Firefox is made to be compatible with all computer software,it often slows and crashes. But there are many Firefox open source versions,that is Firefox browsers that use the Mozilla code and work like Firefox.

 One such browser is Safefox which is an open source version of Firefox but unlike Firefox, Safefox browser is made only for Windows computers. I recently wrote about Pale Moon web browser which is another open source version of Firefox,also made only for Windows. But Pale Moon is only a year old as it was made last year in 2009. But Safefox has been around a lot longer than that and was brought out before Pale Moon.
Yet it is not as well known as it should be and there are articles about it on the web,but not many download links.

 My theory is that Safefox was made first as an open source Firefox browser made only for Windows and then later versions were replaced by Pale Moon. But Pale Moon and Safefox are two separate browsers and while Pale Moon is updated more frequently,the last version of Safefox was updated in 2009. There are also other web browsers for Windows which use Firefox's code and are identical to Firefox. But Safefox is the best choice for any Windows user,who is either looking for an alternative to Firefox or a spare Firefox browser. Safefox is based on Firefox 3.5.2, a slightly earlier version of Firefox and the most recent version of Safefox is Safefox 3.5.2. 

But Safefox is fully supported on the web and is faster than Firefox and all of the Firefox add ons are compatible with Safefox. Also Safefox is more secure for browsing as it has a password safe bank.Where you type the password of your email account onto the keyboard in the browser instead of on the web page. So that your password is not saved on the computer for the next person who uses it to see. But you do not have to use this facility if you do not want to. I have uninstalled Firefox on my laptop and I now have both Pale Moon and Safefox browsers instead. 

Safefox can be used on it's own or alongside Firefox and Pale Moon browsers, and they do not conflict or clash with one another. As Firefox,Pale Moon and Safefox are installed on separate program files on your computer. I got my Safefox browser from a website called C Net which has a list of nearly every browser ever made both old and new, and will always give you the latest version to download. You can get Safefox by clicking here which will take you directly to the download link. And if you have not already installed Safefox on your computer, you should, as it is a browser well worth having. In my opinion, the open source browsers do work better than the main brands, and they are updated more regular and are more advanced.

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