Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Flock web browser.

I have started to use and publish posts with the Flock browser. I think it is far superior to Internet Explorer in that it is faster. Also as not so many people use it,as it is quite new,this could be another reason why it is faster. For example,Internet Explorer is used by most people,so at peak times when the net is very busy,that is why the Internet is slow. Where as with Flock this is not the case and also it is a newer,more faster browser. You can do all of the things with Flock,the same way you can with the main browser. Such as upload photos and make and record videos. In addition to that, flock lists the most well known social network sites, and has tools to help you publish blog posts and access your email accounts faster.

So it is well worth checking out and you can get flock by going to,then download according to the instructions. There are also many other browsers and I sometimes use Firefox,but I find that for me,Flock works better.I think it is well worth using flock as another browser and alternative to Internet Explorer,and also it is designed to work with Internet explorer as well. Also if you some times find one browser is slow,you can resolve this problem by switching to flock to get round this. For example,when I tried to publish my video subtitles on You Tube with Internet Explorer,it did not re publish. But when I used Flock,I found that I could,so this is just one of the many advantages of using an alternative browser.