Monday, 5 July 2010

Can I uninstall Internet Explorer?

I have written a few posts about web browsers and many people dislike Internet Explorer web browser,including me. The new Internet Explorer 8 which is pre- installed on my laptop is no better than the previous version of Internet Explorer and there is talk of Microsoft bringing out Internet Explorer 9 soon. I have installed other browsers on my computer among them flock and Firefox but I never used Internet explorer. As when I have done it often crashes,is very very slow and often does not get on the web page resulting in a redirect.In fact it is completely useless and I see no need for it,when there are much better web browsers that are very good and fast,such as Google Chrome,Flock and others.

Upgrade your browsers.

I have several different web browsers on my computer and I have had messages from Windows to upgrade most of them.

The ones being upgraded now are as follows-Google Chrome to Google Chrome Beta, Firefox to Firefox 3.6.6,Flock to Flock 2.6.0, Seamonkey to the latest version, Lunascape and Opera browser.


Since I got my new laptop over 2 months ago I have been looking at ways to improve my blog posts and store my videos that I make. A few months ago I told you about Real Player,the free version,which you can download. This downloads videos from most sites and stores them in a file on the computer,so you can upload to your site. But the disadvantage is that it only works on Firefox,Google Chrome and Lunascape browsers. So it does not work on flock or other browsers,apart from the 3 mentioned,although it some times works on Chromium web browser.