Sunday, 23 January 2011

Adobe Flash player.

When you first get your computer it only has one web browser,Internet Explorer. So you install a different web browser,Firefox or Google Chrome or another. Then when you go onto a video site in for example, Firefox or Chromium,you find you cannot play videos.
And you get a message saying you need to install Adobe Flash player.
But you can play videos in Internet Explorer. Why is this?

Well,there are two different types of flash players,Adobe Flash Player Active X for Internet Explorer and other Trident engine based browsers like Green browser and Avant browser that use it. And Adobe Flash Player Plug In, for web browsers like Firefox,Chromium and others that use the Gecko and Webkit engines.

That is why when you go onto Firefox,Flock or another such web browser you have to download the plug in,as Active X is not used in Gecko or Webkit engine based browsers.But downloading the plug in is a simple and straight forward task. And on Firefox or Flock the browser will install the plug in,in seconds.

Some versions of Google Chrome,such as Google Chrome Canary Build already have Adobe Flash Player plug in installed. But others like Chromium browser do not and so you will have to install it yourself. If you have problems downloading the plug in,you can download it directly from the Adobe website.

But make sure you choose ADOBE FLASH PLAYER PLUG IN(for Firefox and Google Chrome) and NOT Adobe Flash Player Active X. As Active X is for Internet Explorer and other Trident engine based browsers only. Not for any other browsers.

But there have been issues with Active X,such as computer hacks and viruses. But Internet Explorer and other Trident engine based browsers,such as Green browser for example, all use,Adobe Flash Player Active X.
But Gecko and Webkit browsers,Firefox,Google Chrome and others do not use Active X.They just use Adobe Flash Player plug in only.

Unfortunately,if you are using Internet Explorer or anther IE ( Trident engine based browser) like Green,browser or Avant browser,then there is no solution to this. As if you uninstall Adobe Flash Player Active X you will not be able to play videos in these browsers.

But if you have disabled or uninstalled Internet Explorer and are only using a Gecko or Webkit browser( Firefox,Google,Chrome or Arora for example.) Then you can uninstall Adobe Flash Player Active X from your computer. As you do not need it.

However if you have disabled or removed Internet Explorer but you are using a Trident engine browser (Green browser,Advanced browser or other) as well as Firefox and, or as well as Chromium.Then you will need to keep both types of flash player installed. As Green browser and others like it using the Trident engine,which is the same engine that IE uses and like IE these browsers use Active X.

So the best solution is to do as I have done and that is, I have uninstalled Green browser and Advanced browser as well as Internet Explorer.

And I now have just Safefox,Flock,Chromuim as well as several other web browsers that are NOT Trident engine based. And so I have uninstalled Adobe Flash Player Active X too,as the web browsers I have got now do not use it. They use Adobe Flash Player plug in.

The best and sure way to uninstall the flash player is to run the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller,which you can download from the Adobe website. This will remove all flash players from your computer. But you can just download the flash player again in your web browser. You can also use the uninstaller to remove any old outdated flash players or if you are having a problem with your existing flash player.. Then re install with the updated flash player.

Links-Adobe website-to download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller and to install Adobe Flash Player. Click here to go to site.

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