Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gom Media player.

Last week I wrote about how I uninstalled Windows Media player on my laptop and replaced it with VLC media player. But if you are planing to get rid of Windows Media player,you don't have to replace it with VLC player,as there are many other video players for Windows you can use. There is another very good media player that is a lot like VLC and works just as good on Windows. It is Gom Media player,so if you do not fancy having VLC player, you could use Gom player as a replacement for Windows Media player.

I have two laptops and on both of them I have uninstalled Windows Media player. On the first laptop I installed VLC media player only as the replacement for Windows Media player. And on the second laptop I installed Gom Media player only as the replacement for Windows Media player.

I found that on my laptop that was running Gom player only,that Gom does every thing that VLC player does. It is recognized by Windows as the default program and so is listed in the default program listings. There are other media players apart from Gom that you could use as Windows Media players replacement,but not all of them show up in the default program listings.

But Gom player is fully compatible with all versions of Windows and has some additional features as well. Gom media player will play videos and also if you have a file that cannot be played it will take you to the website and download the code to play it with. I had an flv video file that did not have the code to play the video with but Gom found the correct code and downloaded it. Then played the video for me without any problems. And it also saved the code on my computer, so now I can play the same video again without Gom player having to install the code again,great. Also Gom has many different color skins so you can customise the appearance of the player. Also like VLC, Gom player will take snap shot photos of the video. It also plays audio files and it played my voice mails from Google Talk.

So if you do not want to replace Windows Media player with VLC player you can use Gom Media player instead of VLC. But I like both Gom player and VLC player,so I have now installed Gom and VLC player on both of my laptops. As they are both good but have their own additional features.

There are no limits to how many media players you can have on your computer,you can have more than one video player on your computer. Some people worry that if you have for example three or more video players installed,you may loose more space on your hard drive. That is not true as when you play a video or audio file you only use one player at a time.

Also if you have more than one player installed. If you want to change your default program settings,for example VLC is the default video player that plays all video and audio files by default. But you want your video and audio files to be played in Gom player by default instead. You can change this in the default program settings menu.But even if you do not change your default player settings,when you choose a video or audio file,you can still choose to open it with the media player of your choice. When you click on the video to play it, right click with your mouse and you will see "choose your default program" and it will then list the media players you have.
And if for example you want to play the video in Gom player select that,and the video will open in that player.

Some times the media player you want to play the video or audio file is not listed in the selection. But you can change this by going to default programs settings and select "associate a file type with a program",then click "change program."After doing this the media player you want should appear in the "choose your default program selection" list next time you click on the video or audio file.

So Gom media player can be your only video player or it can be used alongside your existing video player.

Photos-above left-Gom media player.
Above right- Gom Media player in action.

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