Wednesday, 12 January 2011

How to use Wine in Linux Mint to install Windows software.

It is possible to install and run Windows software on Linux by installing a software called Wine. This allows you to install Windows web browsers on Linux. The Mozilla based web browsers such as Safefox and Comet Bird install and run fine on Linux. But Wine does not work for Internet Explorer engine based browsers like Green browser. Which installs but will not run on Linux.

You can even install Mozilla Flock on Linux like I did. As I found that Linux Flock came bare with no add ons and would not let me install Adobe flash player.So I could not play videos which made it useless. But Windows Flock installs fine and I was able to install the flash player for Windows without any problems. To install a Windows web browser just go to the website of the software you want and download it the same way you would in windows.

After that you should have the installer file saved in your home folder. But before you can run the software you must edit the file. Select proprietors and tick run executing file. It is important that you do this or the software will not install. After this select open with Wine application,then open the installer file. The web browser should star installing and will be on your desktop just like in Windows,and will be ready to use. I was able to run Safefox and Pale Moon web browsers which are strictly for Windows only as well as Wyzo browser. But I was not able to run Aim Messenger or ICQ messenger. Which installed but would not run on Linux. So Wine installs and runs some Windows software but not all. You can install Wine through the package manager on Linux the best version is Wine 1.2 which is what I used.

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