Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pale Moon 4 is here.

Firefox 3 has now been discontinued a few days ago and has been replaced with Firefox 4. And now Pale Moon have released their version-Pale Moon 4,which is available for download.

I tried Firefox 4 and I was not very impressed with it or it's rather bland appearance.But Pale Moon is different. Pale Moon is an open source version of Firefox that is made only for Windows. But it is much faster than Firefox and I have been using Pale Moon 3 for quite some time now.

And I have tried the new Pale Moon 4 and although it is based on Firefox 4,it works much better than Firefox 4 does.And is faster than Pale Moon 3. The tool bar in Pale Moon 4 is similar to Firefox 4 but is not exactly the same. As I think that it looks a lot nicer in appearance than Firefox 4s toolbar, as the layout in Pale Moon 4 is slightly different.

And on both Firefox 4 and Pale Moon 4,there is an option to display the menu bar,making it look more like Firefox 3.

And you can choose to install either Pale Moon 3 or 4 as both versions of Pale Moon are supported and available. As from what I read,the makers of Pale Moon have no plans to discontinue version 3. Unlike Firefox,who have now stopped making and supporting Firefox 3.

So it is worth trying Pale Moon 4 and you can always go back to version 3 if you want to.

And as well as Pale Moon browser,there are many other Firefox alternatives or clones of Firefox,all of which are based on Firefox 3. And these will suit those people who prefer to use Firefox 3 rather than switch to 4.

The Firefox 3 alternatives are- Wyzo, Mozilla Flock 2.6.1, Pale Moon 3.6.15, Comet Bird 3.6.15 and Safefox. There may be others but these are the web browsers I have tried,and they do seem to be faster than the original Firefox. And now I have upgraded from Pale Moon 3 to 4 which I use alongside Safefox, which is also installed on my computer.

There is also Minefield browser which is another open source version of Firefox 4 and has nightly builds. And you can use Pale Moon 4 alongside Wyzo, Safefox or any of your other existing Firefox 3 alternatives.

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