Thursday, 14 April 2011

Flock browser to be discontinued.

I have just been browsing the web to see if there were any updates for my installed version of Mozilla Flock web browser. When I found out from their website that Flock is to be discontinued after 26th April 2011. And they will not be making any more versions, and all updates will stop for both Mozilla Flock 2.6.2, and Flock 3 beta. And there will be no further support for Flock after this date. And this has come as a shock for many users of this web browser.

A few years ago in 2008,the same thing happened with Netscape Navigator browser. Although it can still be downloaded from the web. And I am still using Netscape Navigator.Which is based on Firefox 2, without any problems.

It has been said that there is a risk of using an older version of a web browser, but I think it depends on which one.

Certainly Internet Explorer is not secure for browsing. And if you are still using IE6 or IE7,there is a risk of malware getting onto your computer.

But Netscape is not Internet Explorer, and because Netscape 9 is based on the Gecko engine.Which is the same engine as Firefox is based,it is more secure than IE. Internet Explorer is based on the Trident engine, and there are many other browsers that are as well.
Such as Green browser,Advanced browser and others. Which are are Trident engine based, but are more secure than Internet Explorer.
You could continue to use Flock after support for it ends, but according to what I have read, some of the add ons,may not work anymore.

So you may wish to use another web browser, which is the same as Mozilla Flock, but is up to date and supported on the web.

Firefox 3 has also been discontinued and replaced with Firefox 4. Mozilla Flock is based on Firefox 3. And Flock 3 beta is based on Chromium browser, and is Chrome based.

But the good news is that Firefox is a very popular browser. And so there are many browsers out, there that are alternative versions of Firefox 3, and are clones of it.
Mozilla Flock is one of those, but there are other browsers out there that you may want to switch to. Now that both Firefox 3 and Flock are no longer supported.

The following web browsers are all alternatives to Firefox 3 and are based on it,just like Mozilla Flock is.
These are,Safefox, Pale Moon 3,Wyzo, and Commet Bird.

There is also Pale Moon 4 for those people who are looking for an alternative to Firefox 4. So with Pale Moon,you have a choice of either 3 or 4,but you can only have one version of Pale Moon at a time.

The above browsers are all for Windows only. But all of the above Firefox alternatives that I have tried do seem to be faster than Firefox itself. Which is one of the reasons I used Mozilla Flock, as well as the other Firefox clones.

But now that Flock is discontinued,all the above web browsers are a good alternative. All of the Firefox add ons will work in these browsers and they can all be installed alongside each other on your computer.I have got Pale Moon, Safefox, and Wyzo installed on the same computer. And they all run without any problems.

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