Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Free webcam software.

Most laptops have a built in webcam,although a lot of full sized computers don't. But you can use an external webcam that you can plug into the USB plug socket. But the problem is, that they don't come with desktop software to record videos or take photos with. If you want to record your own webcam videos to post on video sites, like You Tube or My Space. You can do this by going directly onto the site, and record from there.

But it is much better to be able to take webcam photos and videos from your computer desktop. And then you can edit them and save them in a file on your computer,and upload them to video sites, or your blog or website.

But a lot of the webcam software,which you can download from the Internet is not free or only free for a trial period. After which time you have to pay, if you want to carry on using it.

But I have found some software which I am using myself which is free and works. MyCam is a free webcam tool that lets you take photos and videos with your webcam. As well as letting you save them on your computer and upload to video sites. But MyCam is only available as a zip file install,not as a normal download.
To install a zip file program,go to your downloads folder and then open the file. Then select extract all files and then choose where you want to extract the files to. In most cases this is desktop but with MyCam the installation is sightly different.

To install MyCam,open the file and select the destination of the file as C/drive,programs and then select,create a new folder, and then extract the files.Then go into your programs file on C/drive and you should now see a file called New Folder. The program is now installed on your computer, but at this stage it is not yet on your desktop. So you have to go into programs on C/drive and then look for the file that says, New Folder,then rename it MyCam. So that you know what it is, and then open the file and look for the icon. Than right click with your mouse and select, send to Desktop. You should now have the shortcut icon on your desktop, and you can just rename this,MyCam.

I know this is a bit of a performance, but you need to do this.Otherwise you will have to keep going into the file on C/drive, and search for the quick launch icon,every time you want to use the program. But this way,you have direct access to the program from your desktop. MyCam is very easy to use and takes both webcam photos and videos. And saves the videos as an avi file,which can be uploaded to site on the web. But that is the only format it will save the video as.

Another free webcam software is SM Recorder,which like MYCam,takes webcam photoes and videos but can also record the whole of your computer desktop as well. The videos are saved as WMV(Windows Media View) and avi format. SM Recorder also have a free video converter which can be used to convert videos to different file format. Which is a separate installation but is made to work with SM Recorder.

Also there is Splitcam 3,which is another free tool,which allows you to use your webcam in multiple applications. For example,you can use your webcam in Aim Messenger and Windows Live Messenger,as well as on different sites across the web. All at the same time. And also Splitcam is very useful for testing your webcam and adjusting the settings. It is also a fun tool, and takes ordinary photos, and you can also add your own special effects to them as well.Such as photos with a pink tint,blue tinted photos. But it does not record videos,although it will play avi video files. And in addition to that. Splicam can take snapshots of your computer desktop. And it works on Windows 7.

There is a new version of Splitcam that was brought out a month ago,which does record videos and upload them to You Tube. But when I tried it I found that it records videos,but without sound. So I uninstalled that and I went back to the old version of Splitcam.

As well as my built in webcam,I also have an plug in USB webcam,Logitech,which in my opinion works better. And Logitech also has free webcam software which can be downloaded from their website.With this,you can take photos and videos and upload them to,You Tube and Facebook. It also saves the videos in WMV format.But the disadvantage is that this software only works with Logitech webcams only, not any other software or built in webcams.
So I can use it to record videos and take photos with my Logitech webcam,but not with my HP built in webcam. But if you do have a Logitech webcam, it is worth trying the free desktop software.

Webcam software is very useful as it enables you to record and save videos on your computer.

Download links- MyCam-click here.

Splitcam 3-old version-click here.

SM Recorder-click here.

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