Saturday, 16 July 2011

Re-my ban from C.Net forums-update-

A few days ago I told you how I was banned from posting on C.Net forums.My account was blocked.So although I could log into the site and read the posts,I could not post on the forums. So I spent the past two days Monday and Tuesday emailing a moderator of the forum to find out why I had been banned from posting.

It turned out that he did not know why I had been banned and he also told me that he was not the head moderator. So it was not his decision if or not to ban me or to lift the ban. But he said he would ask the manager of C.Net forums to look into it.

Then I got an email from C.Net forums from the same moderator,which said

"Dear Andrea Borman, from what I heard from the head moderator,he said that you had copied content from across the web and that could be the reason for your ban."

And so I emailed C.Net forums back through the same moderator,explaining that I have got several blogs and websites on the web. And I also told them I have several video channels as well. And I explained that they are my websites and my video channels. And my posts and my own work. And not someone else's. And I told them that I did put one of my blog posts about ICQ Messenger onto their forum because I wanted to share it. But it was my own post from my blog and I did not see any wrong in this. And I also went on to say that I know that some forums do not like you to put a link to your website on the forums. But I did not do that.

And I also said that if I want to put one of MY BLOG POSTS onto another of MY BLOGS OR WEBSITES,I have a right to do that as they are MY OWN POSTS. And I share my blog posts and videos on Facebook. But it is my my right to do this, as they are my blogs,my posts and my videos. And I said it is not illegal or against the rules to copy MY OWN POSTS.

So C.Net forums had falsely accused me of copying content. Which I did not do.

But if you have more than one blog or website and you choose to put one blog post from one of your websites onto another of your websites, you can do this. It is not against any rules, as long as it is your own posts and your website,which it is.

And I have a my own video channel on You Tube and if I want to share one of my own videos on my, My Space channel. I have a right to do this, as it is my video. And plenty of people have a blog on Blogger and another blog on Wordpress. And they share their posts from their Blogger blog onto their Wordpress blog. But it is your right to do this as long as they are both your blogs and your posts.

But this may not have been the TRUE reason why C.Net banned me from their forums. As I admit that I talked off topic in one of the threads. And they locked that thread as a result. And that could be the reason why I was banned. And I pointed this out in another email to the moderator.

But the next day, on Tuesday I got another email from the head moderator,sent by the same moderator I emailed. Telling me that I was reinstated in the forums. Here is what it said-

Email from C.Net forums-
"I am going to reinstate her,Manager.
Dear Andrea Borman, A tip. If you can avoid any more posts about Safefox or Firefox web browser, or whatever it was you may avoid being banned in the future. As Google finds many posts by you about this. But it looks like the ban is being lifted. Moderator."

And then I got another email from the head moderator of C.Net forums that confirmed that I was reinstated in the forums.

Email from C.Net forums-

"Dear Andrea Borman,I have spoken to the moderators and I have granted you access to post in the forums again. Please be aware of our policies when posting on the site. Manager."

So the ban from C.Net forums has been lifted and I am now allowed to post in the forums again.

But I still do not think that C.Net forums had a right to ban me from the forum, just because I have several blogs on the web, and because my posts get indexed a lot by Google. It is nothing to do with C.Net forums or any other forum what I write about on the web. What I write about on my websites is my business and I have a right to write about what I want. If I had written too many posts about Safefox or Firefox on their forum,I could understand them warning me, as it is their website. But if I want to write several different posts about using Safefox or another web browser, or anything else on MY WEBSITE. It is my right to do so, because it is my website. And any forum who takes this attitude towards someone is not worth going to anyway.

So it seems that some moderator from C.Net forums searched my name in Google,saw my posts which were not even on C.Net forums. And banned me based on what I had posted on my websites, and on other forums. Not because of what I had posted on C.Net.

I do not deny that I am quite well known on the Internet and my websites and videos get indexed a lot in the search engines. But I do not write offensive content and all of my posts and videos are my own posts and my own videos. And my own hard work from my own blogs and websites.

But this is not the first time I have had problems with forums. A few months ago,in April this year,Linux Mint forums threatened to ban me for doing nothing. They said I talked off topic. And now C.Net forums did ban me from posting on their forum. But lifted the ban after I told them that I have several blogs and websites and that the posts on my websites are my own posts.

But I should not have to explain to any forum what I do on my websites. And C.Net forums should not ban me because of some thing I posted on my websites or on another forum.

But you have absolutely no control over a forum. They can delete your posts. They can lock your threads or the thread you are posting on. And they can ban you for any reason they want to.

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