Saturday, 15 October 2011

Banned from a forum again.

Yesterday I told you how I was banned from Seven Forums for doing nothing. Well,I have just been banned from a forum called Expert Law,which is an American forum.The offense- I started a new thread about how I was banned from Seven Forums. I got several replies from members,until a moderator came along and banned me from the forum. So now I am banned for life from the Expert Law forum as well as from Seven Forums.

So I have been banned from two forums in twenty four hours. First Seven Forums, and now Expert Law forums. Here is an update.

Yesterday,after I found out I was banned from Seven Forums, I emailed the forum to find out why I was banned. I have yet to receive a response from them. I then decided to post on another computer software forum that I recently joined,Neowin Forums. I started a thread about how I was wrongly banned from Seven Forums and I explained in the thread that I did not do anything wrong to deserve to be banned. I got several replies but the moderators would not allow my thread to be viewed publicly. That is that only forum members can view the thread but they have to log in to read it and post on it.

But after several replies a moderator locked the thread with a warning that it could be against their terms of service to talk about other forums. And he also said that my thread was under review and could be deleted. But the fact that the moderator locked my thread,so I could not post on it again made me very angry. And Neowin Forums would not set it to public view. So it seemed pointless posting on there as other people could not read it. Unless they were members of the forum and logged in.

So I decided to post on Expert Law forums because I wanted to rant and get it out of my system. And so I started my own thread on Expert Law forums about my ban from Seven Forums. I got several replies and in the thread I told them that I am famous on the Internet and Google finds a lot of posts by me. And then a moderator came along and locked the thread,with the words-

Expert Law Forums Moderator-
"I expect it is more of a result of you being annoying.
Monitoring you to ensure you don't get up to shenanigins is giving me a headache.
Out you go."

And then when I logged back into Expert Law forum,I got this message-

You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.
Date the ban will be lifted:Never.

So Expert Law forums banned me just for posting about being banned from Seven Forums. Even though I clearly explained in my posts that I did not do anything wrong on Seven Forums.

That is, I did not write any obscene content. I did not insult or abuse other members. And I told them that Seven Forums banned me because I replied to a members compliment about my You Tube video about forums,by thanking him on the thread. Which was about Windows Movie Maker, so the member was off topic and so was I. But I did not deserve to be banned over that. And that most forums would not ban you for posting off topic. They would just tell you to start a new thread.

But instead of being reasonable Expert Law forums have banned me for writing about my ban from Seven Forums. And have given me a nasty message every time I log in to add insult to injury. Just like Seven Forums have done.

But I have dealt with those ignorant bullies of Expert Law forums before.
I first got involved with that forum when last year I was falsely accused of stealing a cash box in a Wimpy bar cafe in Southend Essex. The staff lied to me that they saw me on camera taking the box into the toilets. So I voluntarily emptied my handbag and carrier bag on the table in front of them to prove to them they were mistaken. And that I did not steal their cash box. Which I did not. And then they had to admit they were wrong. But they did not apologize to me.

And I was so humiliated and upset that I wanted to write about it. And I made the mistake of posting my story on Expert Law forums. I expected to be treated like an adult and a human being. But instead the forum members said I did take the cash box and they bated me and wound me up. And then they locked the thread.

I was so upset by this I even spoke to a policeman and asked him if I could be arrested for stealing. Because the cafe staff lied to me that they saw me take the cash box,even though I did not take it. And I told him I had just posted on this forum, and the members there told me I did take the box. The policeman told me that, there is NO WAY the camera would show me taking the cash box if I did not take it. And that those idiots on Expert Law forums were winding me up and just being nasty.

Which made me feel better but very angry at the forum members for treating me like that.

So after last years experience with that forum,Expert Law,I should not have gone back there and posted on there again. So the fact that they too have banned me, along with Seven Forums does not surprise me.

Expert Law forums made it clear to me last year that they did not like me or even want me on the forum then. So I should have got the message and not have gone back there and posted on that forum again. But I did and now they have banned me.

So now I have been banned from two forums-Seven Forums and Expert Law forums. And I know by posting here about Neowin Forums not publishing my thread. That I risk being banned from that forum. But I don't care. As it is not right that forums can publicly intimidate,bully and abuse innocent people,simply for speaking their mind in their posts. And they do this by making insulting comments,locking the threads,deleting posts and banning you for no reason. And that's what I was banned for-no reason.

And I feel as if the forums that have done this to me have got it in for me. But I don't think that I was banned from Seven Forums or Expert Law forums because of what I wrote on there. I think that a moderator saw my posts on Google about forums,watched my videos and did not like what I said. And took a dislike to me on those grounds and banned me.

And I do write a lot of posts and make videos about forums. About how I disagree with their rules which are far too strict. And they do not like that.

But you have no control over a forum. They can delete your posts,they can edit your posts,they can lock your threads, or the threads you post on. And they can ban you. Which is what they have done to me. So if you want to post on a forum. At least now, you know what to expect.

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