Sunday, 23 January 2011

Adobe Flash player.

When you first get your computer it only has one web browser,Internet Explorer. So you install a different web browser,Firefox or Google Chrome or another. Then when you go onto a video site in for example, Firefox or Chromium,you find you cannot play videos.

Gom Media player.

Last week I wrote about how I uninstalled Windows Media player on my laptop and replaced it with VLC media player. But if you are planing to get rid of Windows Media player,you don't have to replace it with VLC player,as there are many other video players for Windows you can use. There is another very good media player that is a lot like VLC and works just as good on Windows. It is Gom Media player,so if you do not fancy having VLC player, you could use Gom player as a replacement for Windows Media player.

I have two laptops and on both of them I have uninstalled Windows Media player. On the first laptop I installed VLC media player only as the replacement for Windows Media player. And on the second laptop I installed Gom Media player only as the replacement for Windows Media player.