Sunday, 27 March 2011

Should you post on a forum?

I got my own laptop last year,which is my first computer,a Netbook. And since that time I now have three Netbooks,all Windows 7. And so I have started to take an interest in computer software. And I tried Linux Mint 9 for a short time but it did not work out for me. So I uninstalled it, and I now have just got Windows 7 only, on my computer.Which I am very happy with.

But it was my interest in software that led me to join a computer software forum. The most well known computer software forums are Windows 7 forums and Linux Mint forums as well as many others. And I have joined several of these forums, but now I am sorry that I did, and I now wished that I had not bothered to.

I have been writing several post on Windows 7 forums and Linux Mint forums and some others. And the Linux Mint forums has threatened to ban me from the forum because it does not like my posts.