Saturday, 25 June 2011

Windows Media Player 9 on Windows XP.

Images-left-Windows Media Player 6.4 one of the two hidden media players on Windows XP. Can be set as the default media player. Windows Media Player 5.1 cannot be set as the default player. But both media players can be run on the same computer,alongside Windows Media Player 9. Right-Windows Media Player 9 the current version on Windows XP.

Windows Media Player 5.1 on Windows XP.

Image- Windows Media Player 5.1 or mplay32 running on Windows XP.

Windows Media Player 6.4 on Windows XP.

Image-Windows Media Player 6.4 or mplayer2 running on Windows XP.

Use the two hidden media players in Windows XP.

Windows Media Player 9 (WMP 9 for short) is the default version of WMP bundled with all editions of Windows XP. But there are also two earlier versions of Windows Media Player. That can be used the same way you would use the latest version of Windows Media Player. These are Windows Media Player 6.4 and Windows Media Player 5.1. But they are hidden and so do not appear in the start menu with most other installed programs,but here is how to enable and use them.

To find Windows Media Player 6.4 open programs file on C/drive and look for the file Windows Media Player. Inside that file you should see a file called mplayer2. And it is this that is Windows Media Player 6.4. Then right click with your mouse and select send to desktop to create a quick launch shortcut. You should now have a shortcut icon on your desktop,(mplayer2)and you can rename this shortcut if you want to. If you cannot find the program file you can use Search Companion in My Computer. And this will find the program file and you can then create a desktop shortcut from there.