Saturday, 1 October 2011

Run Windows Vista apps in Windows 7.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista are alike. In fact both operating systems look identical in appearance. But while Windows 7 is fast,Windows Vista is slower and takes up more ram than Windows 7 and Windows XP does. Also Windows Vista does not run well on a Netbook,although there are Netbooks with Windows Vista.

But because Windows 7 and Windows Vista are so similar to one another,you can run all of that great software,such as Windows Mail and Windows Calendar and more on Windows 7.

How to get the Vista sidebar back in Windows 7.

The Windows Sidebar that is in Windows Vista is not included in Windows 7. But you get back the Vista sidebar in Windows 7. Here is how.

There are many tutorials on the web that tell you to first take ownership of the Windows Sidebar program file in Windows 7. And then delete or rename the file,before installing Windows Sidebar for Windows Vista. But you DO NOT need to do this. As I have found that when I had deleted the Windows 7 sidebar program file,that I could not add gadgets to my sidebar.

Make Windows 7 look like Windows XP-sort of.

You have just bought a Windows 7 computer or have just installed Windows 7. But you miss the old theme and look of Windows XP. Well,as you know Windows Vista and Windows 7 are similar to Windows XP in a lot of ways,except that they both have the Aero transparent theme. Although you can switch from Aero theme to Windows Classic(Windows 98 look,)which is not transparent.