Monday, 20 August 2012

My own forum.

I have had so much trouble with forums that I thought that I would try something different. I have just created my own forum with a free forum hosting site,Forumotion.

And my forum is about computers,Windows and Linux. And also about forums and web hosting. That is creating a blog or website and using social network sites like Digg and Facebook. The disadvantage is that my forum is hosted on a free forum site and not on my own custom domain like this blog is. Which means that your site is not as secure as it is when you are hosting on a custom domain.As they can delete your site or forum any time. But if your site is hosted on your own custom domain they cannot.

Forumotion does have an option to host your forum on a custom domain. But unlike on Blogger you have to map the site to your domain name yourself.

But on Blogger you just buy a domain though Blogger and Blogger hosts your blog for you. You do not have to map your domain yourself. Which I find difficult as I have limited experience with computers.

Another disadvantage with Forumotion is that you cannot upload images directly from your computer,like you can with some other sites.But I don't know if it is different if you upgrade to your own custom domain.

But still I am going to see how my new forum goes. And because of my bad experiences with a lot of Windows and Linux Forums. I won't be mean and nasty to members on my forum and make stupid rules. Like the moderators on some forums have been nasty to me.

My new forum is called Andrea Computer Forums and can be found here-  

So now you know.

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