Friday, 23 November 2012

Banned From Neowin Forums.

I have just been banned from Neowin Forums. It happened two days ago on Wednesday. In my last post I told readers that my posting rights on Neowin Forums had been suspended for ten days until 30th October 2012. You can read more of that story here-

But I had since been posting again on the forum and I did not think there would be any more problems. Then I posted on a thread about IE10 on Windows 7. And the moderators deleted some of my posts.

Then about two hours later I got an email from a moderator of Neowin Forums telling me I have been permanently  banned from the forum.
Here is the email I got from Neowin Forums.

Email from Neowin Forums.
 Global moderator of Neowin Forums wrote- 
Andrea Borman,
 After much discussion amongst staff, we have decided to ban your account on Neowin - meaning that you will no longer be able to post.
This decision was taken due to your continued trolling after multiple warnings. In a very short space of time you have now racked up 3 warnings, and a 10 day suspension. Today, you even posted trolling comments directly after I had cleaned a thread and asked everyone to keep it on topic.
 I hope you appreciate why we have taken this action.
Global Moderator Neowin Forums.

I then  logged into my account on Neowin Forums and I got this message confirming that I have been banned from the forum.

Neowin Forums ban message- 
 You are not allowed to visit this community.

But I was NOT  posting "trolling comments," as that moderator called it. I merely said that I would never install IE10 on Windows 7 anymore than I would install IE9 and that I was sticking with IE8.

And also the moderators deleted several of my posts on the thread. But I did not do anything wrong. And I was not abusive to any of the members of Neowin Forums, even through some members did insult me on the same thread.

But I have had problems with Neowin Forums before.
Last year I was banned from Seven Forums for doing nothing wrong and I started my own thread about it on Neowin Forums. But the moderators changed my thread from public view to private view so it was not visible on the web. And then they locked the thread, saying it was against their terms of service to post about being banned from another forum.

It seems that Neowin Forums are very strict and a lot of threads get locked for no real reason. And any post a moderator does not like gets deleted. And I have also had several warnings from moderators for no real reason. And my threads kept getting locked and some of my posts were deleted for no reason.

 I think the problem with Neowin Forums is that they have too many moderators.They have about maybe thirty moderators, global moderators and  supervisors. And also they are very strict, Neowin Forums is like an online prison. But Neowin is not the only forum I have had problems with.

I have had problems with other forums as well.Which you can read about in my other posts. So it is not just Neowin Forums. But I was never treated very well on Neowin Forums anyway.The atmosphere there was very uncomfortable because the forum staff made it that way ,not just for me but the forum in general is very strict. I have lost respect for Neowin Forums ever since they changed my thread about my being wrongly banned from Seven Forums from public view to private view and then locked it.

Also I think it is ignorant and childish of the moderators of Neowin forums to accuse me of trolling the forum, simply because they don't agree with my views about software. Another global moderator, who was the one that suspended my posting rights two weeks ago,also accused me of flaming and trolling.Simply because I said on a thread that Windows 8 Pro is only being sold as an upgrade installation which it true.

So I should have  read the signs and stopped going to that forum a long time ago. So to be honest being banned from Neowin Forums is no loss.Even if they lifted the ban on me, I would not want to go back to that forum. I think I am better off away from it.

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