Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Tale Of Woe On A Forum.

I have had more problems with forums. Just over two weeks ago I Joined A Different Opinion Forums, ADO for short. ADO is a political and general discussion forum. I have had my problems with other forums in the past. Though never in my wildest dreams did I think what happened to me on ADO forums could happen to me or any member. I found out about ADO forums from Top Admin Forums,which is a webmasters forum. I was reading the posts from the owner and admin of ADO on TA forums,who said her members were complaining because her rules were too strict. I also read that some members of TA forums had left ADO forums for the same reason.

I am also a member of another Political forum on Forumotion. On the Forumotion Political forum, members there were talking about ADO on a thread started by another member. So out of curiosity I stupidly joined ADO forums. After I signed up I posted my welcome thread in the Introductions section. A member responded to my thread and asked me about my avatar. I then told him it was a photo of myself taken with my webcam.

I then got a private message from the admin of ADO telling me she had removed my avatar because I stated it was a photo of myself.
Here is the email-

"Admin of ADO said-I have removed your avatar after you stated it was of yourself. The rule concerning personal details extends to the use of personal images including as Avatars. This is to avoid privacy issues where in people have been tracked through their personal images.

I am aware that in your case this is not so much of an issue but I must keep rules consistent for all so please make sure that your avatar is not of you or a member of your family personally." 

I could not believe it. So I PM'd the admin of ADO forums and told her I am over 18, if I want to display a photo of myself as my avatar, it's my right to do so. She responded back saying it's against forum rules, for members to use their real name, and photo of themselves in their profile.

I was so angry about this as all the other forums I am a member of let members use their real names as usernames,as well as put their real names in their profile if they want to. They also let them use upload a photo of themselves if they want.

I then sent the admin of ADO another PM telling her sarcastically how stupid she was being. That another member who also happens to be the admin of Top Admin forums has her photo of herself up,as do other members. So what was she going to do take them all down? The admin simply replied "yes," she then removed the admin of TA forums photo as well!

So fuming frustration I started a thread on ADO about that forums stupid rules. The admin or a moderator came along and locked the thread.
I then started another thread and the admin locked that one as well. I have noticed on ADO that every thread a member has started complaining about their rules is locked. Every time I started another thread complaining those were locked too. The admin also had a go at me on another thread in which I mentioned the Forumotion political forum and that Google Chrome does not work well on Forumotion sites. Nothing wrong with that, but the admin replied on that thread-

"Admin of ADO wrote-Can I politely mention as you are a newcomer Andrea that it is a rule on this forum to not discuss other forums. The rule will be strictly enforced."

So it is also against the rules on ADO to talk about other forums even indirectly which is also silly. I was now quite worked up by all of this and I posted two of my Banned From a Forum You Tube Videos on ADO. Because I was so sick of that forum I wanted to get banned. I posted on the thread that I think we members should go to our President or prime Minister and The European Court Of Human Rights. As we have never heard of any forum not allowing us to use our real names. It was of course a joke but they did not see the funny side of it. They removed my videos locked those threads and blocked me from posting.

Then the admin changed my username from Andrea Borman to And Bor because I told her in one of my posts that Andrea Borman is my real name.
I got mad over this and started another thread asking why she canged my username. She even put the censor on it,meaning every time I typed my name on ADO it would display as ***** instead of my name. Another member also wound me up, by saying that no forum allows you to use your real name and photo-which is a lie.
After that I could no longer post as ADO forums blocked me from posting without moderator approval.

Worse was to come as to my shock,two members who I banned forum my own forum,a few months ago for spamming and trolling showed up on ADO. They even used the same usernames they used on my forum. The first member who I will call Member A (not his real username) first met me on Facebook and became my Facebook friend. Then when I started my own forum,he asked me to invite him to it. Trusting him,I did and he then started trolling and upsetting the other members. After that he posted a screenshot of my website on another forum. I knew it was him as the admin of that forum gave me his IP address, which matched that of his. So I had no alternative but to ban him, I also banned a duplicate account under another username. As I and my moderators who also have admin rights, found several matching IPs of his first account. Member A also used sock puppets to mask his other IPs on his other account.

After I had banned him he sent me a very nasty Facebook Message.Then a month later he came back on my forum again under another username, put up offensive avatars. Then was abusive to both members and staff in his posts when we blocked his account from displaying an avatar. So we banned him again under that account and he then created a third account under another username,which we also banned.

I also banned Member B, the second member for trolling,spamming and posting lude mesages to myself,another female admin and other female members. In addition to that he also posted MY private Facebook Messages on my forum, which I and my staff removed. Which he had obviously got from Member A. Member B also spammed my user page on Wikipedia. He was silly enough to post as an anonymous user and so the IP was recorded by Wikipedia, so I knew it was him. I reported him to a Wikipedia moderator,but I don't know what was done about it.

Well both those two members I banned from my forum turned up on ADO forums and started abusing me on the threads in their posts. I could not reply back to them on ADO because I was blocked from posting. So I replied to them by PM. And I admit I blew up at those two members and called then trolls and used a few swear words in my PMs. The admin of ADO forums found out about it and she has blocked me from sending any PMs. I cannot even PM the admin of ADO to ask her to remove the block. In addition to that the Admin has also blocked me from displaying an avatar and a signature. Because I uploaded another photo of myself in protest and I created several signatures in bold red text, stating how stupid the rules were on ADO.
So although I am not banned from ADO, my account is blocked from doing everything. I cannot post,cannot send PMs,cannot display an avatar or signature. So apart from being able to log in,I might as well be banned from ADO forums,as I cannot do anything.

That's not all, as now those two banned members from my forum have showed up on the Forumotion political forum,under the same usernames. Except Member B is now using an offensive signature as his username,that we banned a third member for on my forum. They started winding me up over there, I was silly enough to respond back to them. Now the admin on the Forumotion political forum has also restricted my account somewhat. Meaning I can post on that forum but cannot start new threads, and he has deleted all my threads, about my unjust treatment on ADO forums. Now the admin of TA forums has told me off for naming ADO forums on her forum. It sucks.

On a brighter side one of my admins from my forum has started his own forum. On which I posted about how bad ADO and some other forums have treated me. The admin and the other members on there are sympathetic,probably because they know me from my forum.

 I am the kind of person who likes to rant and it's been pure hell for me on ADO forums,these last two weeks. Yes it is partly my fault, as when the admin of ADO told me I could not use my real name and photo of myself. I should have left that forum. Instead I kicked off or kicked up, as they say. Which only made things worse for myself. Yet I still don't think I deserved to be treated like that,nobody does.

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