Saturday, 17 August 2013

New Name,New Web URL For This Site.

I have made a few changes to this site. First of all I have changed the name this blog and it is now called Andrea Sites instead of Hezbollah And Andrea Sites which was the old name.

This site also has a new URL which is 
The reason I decided to change the name of my website is because most of my posts are about computers and Windows software. So I thought my blog should have a different title also I have changed my URL because I wanted some thing more to fit the name of my site.

Also I hardly ever make a post about Lebanon,Hezbollah and other media topics now. As since I got my first home computer 3 years ago,I have spent more time learning about Windows 7,Windows XP and how to use a computer. I also spend most of my time on computer forums as my hobby is computers and the Internet.Which is mostly what this site is about.

I used to have my own forum which was also about computers but I made the mistake of hosting it on a free forum service Forumotion. Which I was not happy with because of the restrictions with free forum services. As they can delete or ban your forum anytime. I also had problems with Forumotions spam filter which was blocking out several of my members. Which was the main reason I deleted my forum. So next time if I ever start a forum again I will host it myself though a paid web host. Though at the moment I just enjoy posting on forums as a member rather the have the responsibilities of admin. So I am not sure if I will start another forum as yet. Anyway this is just a site update to let readers know of my new web address.