Saturday, 24 October 2009

Search engine submission.

Well now that you have got your site together,you now want to get it indexed and known in the search engines. There are several companies that claim to submit your blog or website to search engines,but some are not genuine. That is they charge lots of money and do not do what they say they do. But there are some others that are okay,I myself use Scrub The Web.I have a membership that I renew every six months for around $29 dollars,which is about £19 English pounds.Being a member gives you access to several help pages on how to improve your site and also you can submit your site to several search engines.

This is done yourself just by clicking on the sites you want to submit to,auto submit.This submits the site before your eyes so you know that it is being done and also you get emails from the search engines you submitted to,so you know it has been done. Another service I use is Dream Submit,which has an auto submit free service and also paid services in which they submit your site once a month.The main search engines are Google and Yahoo,I am lucky because all of my sites are included in both. M.S.N or Bing, it's new name, is the third largest search engine,yet some of my sites are in there,but others are not.