Thursday, 14 October 2010

Install Chromium without visiting the web.

Chromium browser is an open source browser that was made before Google Chrome and it is faster and more advanced than Google Chrome. While it is easy to find a download link for Google Chrome,there are very few links for Chromium. 

Also I and other people have found when downloading Chromium from the nightly builds website,that some of the builds are broken. Resulting in a browser that is not working and the biggest problem is that not many sites have a direct download link. But fortunately there is another way to install Chromium on your computer or laptop without searching the web. This can be done using the Chromium nightly updater tool. 

Chromium nightly updater or CNU for short can be used to update an existing version of Chromium on a computer. But it can also be used to install Chromium browser for the first time on a computer that has never had Chromium installed before. I have two laptops,one of which was new and so it came with just one web browser Internet Explorer,which I used to download Firefox. After that I downloaded CNU tool and I used that to install Chromium for the very first time on my laptop. And it worked and I also got the latest working build which I can now update when I want to using CNU Chromium updater. 

So here is how to install using CNU. First download CNU at 
The updater will download as a zip file which you can save to your desktop. Then open your default browser which can be any. 

Go to your file or desktop and click on CNU to open. CNU will then check the latest build and then open whatever web browser you are using at the time and download Chromium and install it on your computer. CNU also allows you to choose to download Chromium as normal download or zip file. Normal download is best. This is the easiest way to install Chromium as the CNU updater tool will only install working builds of Chromium,so you will never get a build that is broken. 

Also on the subject of Chrome browsers, there is also a new open source version of Google Chrome called Google Chrome Canary build. This is made only for Windows which makes it an advantage for Windows users. 

And I have installed it alongside my Chromium browser and it can also be installed alongside both Chromium and Google Chrome as Google Chrome Canary is a stand alone browser. Separate from Google Chrome, but for most people it is a choice between Google Chrome or Google Chrome Canary. 

But I choose Canary as it is one edition ahead of Google Chrome and it is faster as well. The only disadvantage is that you cannot make Google Chrome Canary your default browser but apart from this it is a faster browser and I have not had any problems with it. So for anyone with a Windows computer it is worth getting. As Google Chrome is made for all computers but the Canary build is made only for windows.

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