Monday, 11 July 2011

Blocked From Posting On A Forum.

A few months ago I told readers of how I got a warning from Linux Mint forums. Telling me they would ban me if I continued to post,because they did not like my ideas about computing. So I did not want to give them the satisfaction of banning me and I just stopped posting on that forum.

Well it happened to me again on another computer software forum-on C Net forums. I have written a number of posts on C.Net forums and in addition to that I get a lot of my software from them. So I am a good customer and I also have my own ideas about computing. And I was posting on one thread that I do not believe in anti-virus software. And that would never install an anti virus program on my computer. A lot of people did not agree with me but I did not think that would upset anyone.

Then in the same thread I went on to give examples of web browsers with anti-virus scanners,like Comodo Dragon browser and Netscape 8. I only said that Comodo Dragon browser blocks websites that should not be blocked. And that Netscape 8 scans and gave me a false reading. Telling me I had some adware infected files,when I did not have. Because I scanned with Windows Defender,which said my computer was clean.

In the same thread I also wrote about how one Internet cafe,which had an anti virus program installed on their computer I was using blocked the downloading of Pale Moon web browser. And I also wrote that in another Internet cafe I was in,the manager would not let me install Safefox web browser.

I got a few replies to that post,but when I replied back that Internet cafes are wrong not to let us install the web browsers we want to. And that their computers are not well looked after anyway. A moderator locked the thread telling me I was talking off the topic.

And so I decided to start a new thread myself. Which is the normal thing to do on a forum. If you want to post some thing or ask a question not related to the subject of the thread.

But after I had written my post I got an error message not letting me post my new thread. And I kept getting this error message every time I tried to post. So I tried to reply to some existing threads and the same thing happened,it would not let me post.

So emailed a forum moderator and he passed it on to another moderator. And I got an email telling me.

" Andrea, I took a look at your account and it has been blocked due to violation of C.Net Forum policies. "

But the moderator did not tell me what I had done to violate their forum policies. So I have sent C.Net forums another email asking what I had done to violate their terms of service in the forums. And I am still waiting to hear from them about this.

But I was given a web link to C.Net forums terms of service,which I took the time to read. And it does say some thing about staying on the subject of the thread you are posting in. And do not go off of the topic. And I admit that when I mentioned the web browsers and the Internet cafe,it was a bit off the subject.

But it is impossible to stick to one subject in a computer software forum. Because when you talk about one software or computer issue,you have to mention another software or computer issue. And if you do that in a forum,they say you are talking off the topic.

I have not been banned from C.Net forums or their website. I can still log into my account and read the posts in the forums. But I am not allowed to post in the forums,not even start new threads. So my account has been restricted on C.Net.

But I did not do anything wrong. I did not post offensive content. I did not abuse any of the forum members. I merely spoke my mind about how I run MY OWN COMPUTER. And I told in my posts, that the Internet cafe I was in would not allow me to download Safefox or Aim Messenger. Which I needed to use. But I did not tell them the name or the address of the Internet cafe. So they don't know which one it is. I did not identify the Internet cafe.

But I have been banned from posting on C.Net, just for that it seems. If that is the REAL reason they have banned me from posting on their forums.

Here is the thread that I have posted on in C.Net forums,which they have locked. And I think, but do not know, is the reason they have blocked my account from posting on the forum. You tell me if anything I have written on there justifies me being banned from posting on that forum. It does not and I do not deserve to be banned from posting on a forum,simply because I told of my own experiences of using a computer.

Here is the link-

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