Friday, 14 October 2011

Banned from another forum without warning.

It happened again I have just been banned from another forum. A few months ago I told readers how I got threatened with a ban from Linux Mint forums. And how C Net forums banned me,but reinstated me after I emailed a moderator about my ban. Well,it has happened again,about an hour ago today. This time Seven Forums have banned me for doing nothing.

Seven Forums is another computer software forum. And unlike most other forums they are very strict. For example if you write off topic,they just delete your post. Sometimes they just move the off topic post to a new thread depending what mood they are in.

And today I got a reply from a forum member on a thread called Install Windows Movie Maker 6 on Windows 7. In which I wrote several posts. And on the latest post was a comment from a form member. Which said," Andrea ,I saw a video you posted on You Tube it was fascinating."

And so out of good manners I wrote back on the thread" Thank you very much. In my You Tube video,I was just giving a sense of humor approach about how some forums are. But not all forums are like that. Some forums are very understanding and good."

About twenty minutes after I wrote and published that post on the thread. I tried to log into my account on the forum. And here is the message I got.

Seven Forums ban message- 
 You have been banned for the following reason:
Persona non grata. 
Date the ban will be lifted:Never.

So Seven Forums have banned me for life from their forum and they did not even write the reason in English. But I looked up on Wikipedia what persona non grata means. And it means person not welcome.

So I have been banned from Seven Forums just because I replied to a forum member who praised my You Tube Video.

It is true that,the member posted off topic by praising my video about forums. When the thread was about Windows Movie Maker 6. And I was off topic by replying back on the thread, thanking him for liking my video. But that is no reason to ban me for life from the forum. And the unfair thing is that when I went back on the website,I saw that the member has not been banned and I have.

So I have been banned from Seven Forums. But the member who was off topic by praising my video has not been banned.

But I think that is not the real reason Seven Forums have banned me. I think that a moderator saw my video about posting on a forums.And did not like what I said in the video. And probably did not like me. And that is the real reason why I have been banned from the forum.

But it is true that a lot of forums are strict and that Seven Forums are stricter than most forums. But to ban me just for replying to another members post complimenting one of my You Tube videos. That is just nasty,ignorant and spiteful of Seven Forums to ban me for that. When in the real world that is not a criminal offense.

So you have no control over a forum. They can delete your posts,they can lock your threads and any threads that you post on. And they can ban you for no reason at all. You have been warned about forums.

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