Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Using your laptop away from home.

Here is a video in which I talk about using your laptop or Netbook away from home such as in hotels or coffee shops. I also give useful tips.

How to connect to Google Talk on Pidgin.

The default server settings in Pidgin Messenger work without any problems on most home broadband networks. And they will work on most mobile broadband networks too. But if you are using public wifi you may find, as I have that Pidgin cannot connect to your Google Talk account. In my case,Pidgin works fine with the default settings on my broadband connection at home and on my mobile broadband. But I could not connect to Google Talk on Pidgin messenger at all on the hotels public wifi. Although I can when I use my T.Mobile broadband. So after searching the web,I found out how to change the server settings in Pidgin. So that it now connects to Google Talk on the public wifi. And I think that this information will be useful to anyone who is having difficulty connecting to Google Talk on Pidgin.

How to stay safe on public wifi.

I am on holiday at the moment and so I have taken my laptop,a Netbook with me. Many hotels and coffee shops have public wifi that you can connect to the Internet on. But there are steps that you need to take.As public wifi is less secure than your own wifi or wireless broadband at home. One alternative is to use your own mobile broadband. I have T.Mobile pay as you go broadband,which I can use when I take my laptop outside my home. But even with mobile broadband you still need to take the same steps, to keep your laptop safe. When using it in a public place such as an airport,hotel or a coffee shop. To do this you need to change some settings on your laptop or Netbook before you connect to public wifi.