Thursday, 12 July 2012

Re my ban from Windows 7 and Windows 8 Forums.

Three Months ago,I was banned from both Windows 7 Forums and Windows 8 Forums. Both forums are run by the same admin,so if you are banned from Windows 7 Forums,you are also banned from Windows 8 Forums.See my other post here-
But yesterday morning,Wednesday at 9am,I got an email from the admin of Windows 7 and Windows 8 Forums asking me to come back to Windows 7 Forums.
Here is the email-

"Email from Windows 7 Forums-

Hello, Andrea Borman.

We've noticed that you've not been active on Windows 7 Forums for quite some time now, and we appreciate your activity on the forums.

We are constantly adding new features, providing new information, and bringing the Windows Community to you.

Could we not tempt you back?

Kindest regards

I did not believe it. For those of you who have not read my earlier post that I made back in the end of March. I was banned for life from both Windows 7 and Windows 8

The reason-at the time I did not like the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview that was just out. And I made some jokes about it on the forum and called it Windows 8 Nightmares Preview. And the whole thing turned into an argument with some other members. And two members insulted me, and two of the members were banned for life from the two forums. And then they banned me as well,and they also banned a third member.Because they found out that he was a fan of mine.

And I was banned for life from both Windows 7 and Windows 8 Forums. And when I logged into my account on the two forums it said the ban would never be lifted.And so I thought that was that.

Well it was not only that, because a few days after I was banned from the forums.When I saw a thread on Windows 7 Forums about banned members. And in it the site admin said that he had banned me because he found out about my support for the Hezbollah. I have friends in Hezbollah Milita and the the admin had read my websites and found out about it. And he told the other forum members on the thread that was why he banned me.

And he also said in the thread that he had banned the three other members who were banned with me,because he found out one of them had a drink problem. And he had banned the second member for spamming and being insulting. And he said he banned the third member for being offensive.

And that was not the end of it for a day later I found a post on the web from another member of Windows 7 Forums. It was private email that the admin had sent to every member of Windows 7 and Windows 8 Forums telling them the reasons why he had banned me and the three other members from the forums.

The member of Windows 7 forums said in his post that he thought stupid,that the admin had emailed all of the forum members. Telling them all of the reasons,why he had banned me and the three other members from the forum.

So the admin said that he had banned me because he found out I had friends in Hezbollah Milita.But I know that is not the REAL reason I was banned.

The real reason I was banned from the forums was because the other members did not like my posts about Windows 8. And also they did not like it,when I said in my posts that I do not use any anti virus software.Which I do not.

In short they did not like my ideas about computing and the fact that I go off topic in the threads. As you know it is hard to stick to one subject in a Windows software forum. As I explained in my previous posts. And the truth was that,the whole thing got out of hand. And some of the forum members that did not like me,including the two members that were banned along with me.Well they posted in the forums that they would leave the forum,unless the admin banned me.

So that was the real reason why I was banned from the forum and the other two members were banned for insulting me.

Anyway,yesterday after I got the email from Windows 7 Forums saying I could come back.I went onto the forum website and I saw that "Banned" was no longer listed under my user name. So I logged into my account and found that I was able to log in. No more ban message.

I sent the admin of the forum a private email and message,which I was now able to do directly from the forum. I apologized to the admin for my stupid comments about Windows 8 and told him I would not do it again. And I also asked him what made them change their mind and reinstate me on the forum. As I had been told that the ban was for life.

A few hours later I got a reply from the admin by email.

It said-

 " Email from Windows 7 Forums-
 Dear Andrea Borman,
 Your ban was lifted pending good behavior. TY.
 Kindest regards,

I then sent the admin another private message thanking him for lifting the ban and reinstating me on the forums.

So my ban from Windows 7 forums has now been lifted. And I am no longer banned from Windows 7 Forums. However,I am still banned from Windows 8 Forums their other forum. So the ban on me has been lifted from Windows 7 Forums but not from Windows 8 Forums.

And also the forum have lifted the ban on one of the other members who was banned along with me. So the first member who was banned along with me has been let back on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 forums. But the other two banned members,the one who is a fan of mine and the other member are still banned.

And I see that the first member who was banned, but no longer banned, is posting again on both forums.

But it is very strange that the forum banned me for life. And I am told in the ban message the ban will never be lifted. Then all of a sudden they change their mind. And the forum have also lifted the ban on some other members.

I wonder what the reason is. Are they short of members or loosing members? Is that why some banned members are being reinstated? Well I never should have been banned in the first place at least not for life.

And although I am still banned from Windows 8 Forums,I am no longer banned from Windows 7 Forums. But I am not sure if I should go back to that forum and post on there again. As there was a lot of friction there with the other members.

But even if you do not like somewhere it is better not to be banned. And the same goes for forums.

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