Sunday, 10 June 2012

Problems with Mediafire.

Have you ever heard of Mediafire? If you are a software developer or if you have files that you want to share with friends you should have.

Mediafire is one of the larger file sharing and storage sites. And anyone can open a free account and upload their files and store them on the site for free. You can choose to make your files public so you can share them with friends. Or on your blog or website.Or private where only you have access.

And I have been using Mediafire for quite some time now. And a lot of my blog posts are about installing Windows XP and Windows Vista software on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

And so I use Mediafire to post links to my installer files that I have made, such as Windows Mail and other software from my computer. So that anybody who does not have Windows XP for example, can download the installer file onto their computer.As you cannot upload zip or exe files to your blog or website. But you can post download links to them.

Also you may want that old version of Aim Messenger for example, that they will no longer make in two months time. So you can download the zip or exe installer file and save it on a file sharing and storage site.And you can make it public or private. So if later on you want that file,you can just log into your account and download it.

But yesterday, when I went onto Mediafire and logged into my account.When I tried to download my files onto my computer, I could not.And this has been going on for over 24 hours now.

I can get onto the site and log into my account, but when I try to download any of my files, I just keep getting redirected to the download page. And I click the download button again and the same thing happens and there is no download. I cannot download anything.The website will not let me do it.

And it is not just me that has this problem. I posted about my problem on both Yahoo Answers and on My Digital Life forums.And other people say they have the same problem as me. And my friends and other people I have spoken to who are in different locations than I am have got the same problem. They too cannot download any of their files from Mediafire.