Friday, 6 August 2010

Safari browser extensions-excess baggage?

There are some web browsers that when you install them on your computer they also want you to have the add ons. I am not talking about browsers extensions but additional software that you may not be aware of.

One such browser is Safari, and when you download this in order for this browser to function,you have to also download five other items of software. These are I Tunes,a Quick Time player,Apple software updater,Apple software installer,Bonjour which is a Mobile phone software item and another mobile phone software for Internet phones.

Although I had nothing against Safari browser it was not the best browser I have used either. Also when I had Safari on my laptop I had to keep updating I Tunes which took a long time to download and was time consuming.

And as I do not use I Tunes or the other software that came with Safari I did not see the point in having it on my laptop,taking up space on my hard drive.

But Safari web browser will not work properly unless you have all of this other software I mentioned installed as well. I do not understand this as all I wanted was the web browser not all of the other stuff that came with it. I do not need a Quick Time player as my laptop which is Windows 7 has a Windows Media player for playing videos, and other flash video players installed for playing videos on the web.

Also most websites do not use a Quick Time player either and I have never come across a site that has. And I did not need the mobile phone software as I do not have an Internet phone.

I do not have Safari browser anymore, but when I uninstalled it I had to uninstall all the other software that came with it as well. I could have kept the other software but I did not need it, and even though Safari uninstalled on it's own,all of the other software did not, and had to be uninstalled individually.

I do not understand why the makers of Safari do not just give us the option of downloading the browser on its own rather than making us download all of the other software. Which some people do want and others like myself do not want.

Also some of the software that came with this browser slowed down my laptop,which was another reason I uninstalled it.

Other browsers such as Firefox,and Google Chrome do not need additional software to run them. So I do not understand why Safari cannot also run without all of these extras,which most people do not need on the computer.

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