Saturday, 1 October 2011

Make Windows 7 look like Windows XP-sort of.

You have just bought a Windows 7 computer or have just installed Windows 7. But you miss the old theme and look of Windows XP. Well,as you know Windows Vista and Windows 7 are similar to Windows XP in a lot of ways,except that they both have the Aero transparent theme. Although you can switch from Aero theme to Windows Classic(Windows 98 look,)which is not transparent.
The start menu on Windows Vista and Windows 7 is not quite the same as Windows XP's. But here is a safe and simple way to get back that Windows XP look and feel in Windows 7. And this should work on Windows Vista as Well.

First download a software called Classic Shell. Which is free to use and puts both the classic Windows 98 and 2000 start menu and the Windows XP start menu back into Windows 7. Then go to Control Panel and in the personalization menu select change the theme. Then change the desktop theme to Windows Classic. Then in Classic Shell select the Windows XP start menu to change the start menu to Windows XP style.

Then you can add the original Windows XP desktop wallpaper,theme,Bliss, by downloading an image of it from the Internet and saving it on your computer.Or by simply downloading the wallpaper.

Then right click on the image and select" set as desktop background." But if you have got Windows 7 Starter you will need to install a software called Personalization Panel first. In order to change the wallpaper. As Windows 7 Starter does not come with the feature to change the wallpaper. But if you install Personalization Panel,you will then be able to change your desktop wallpaper.

There are several other software's that enable you to change the desktop wallpaper on Windows 7 Starter but I find Personalization Panel the best one.

You now have both the Windows XP wallpaper and start menu on your computer. And the Windows XP start menu works just like the Windows XP start menu.

Also if you hate that default Windows 7 desktop background as I do and prefer the Windows Vista look. You can just add the Windows Vista wallpaper to your desktop.And add the Windows Vista sidebar which can be downloaded from the Internet. The Vista sidebar works in Windows 7.

Classic Shell is great for getting the Classic and Windows XP start menu in Windows 7. And Classic Explorer which comes with Classic Shell,puts the classic toolbar buttons into Windows Explorer. But it does not change the appearance of Windows Explorer to Windows XP style. You know,with the big round shaped folders that is in Windows XP's Windows Explorer.

I have not found any software that will make Windows Explorer in Windows 7 look like Windows XP. But with Classic Shell and by adding the Windows XP wallpaper. I have made my Windows 7 look as much like Windows XP as possible. Except for Windows Explorer of course.

Links-Classic Shell-click here.

Personalization Panel for Windows 7 Starter-to change the desktop wallpaper-click here.

Images-top left-Windows XP theme on Windows 7.

Top right-Windows Vista theme on Windows 7,with the Windows Vista sidebar.

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